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My purpose is to live for Christ alone.

13bForgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
- Philippians 3:13b-14 (NIV)

For beautiful the prize, and great our hope.

2015/10/07 20:10 Wednesday

One work day down, three to go. Had over 1200 emails to pore through.

IT techs have a sort of strange role. We are hourly, and thus the warehouse management have rank over us, but at times we have to lay down the law on them.

Am about to drop from exhaustion. Off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/10/06 19:10 Tuesday

Had a good ride today. Rode slowly, though. Averaged only 13.4 mph for the 30.57 miles of laps around the lake on the commuter bike. Was too tired even to think of riding to Verdi. It was best to stay close to home. It was a good ride because I was focused on enjoying the weather, the beautiful clouds on the horizon, and the feel of riding. More importantly, I was also focused on the blessing of being alone with God. Among other prayers, I gve thanks for the privilege of coming before Him.

Have to go back to work tomorrow. That will be hard. Had better get ready for bed now and try to get a good night's sleep.

2015/10/05 20:15 Monday

Did 30.61 miles of laps around the lake on the commuter bike. Was too tired to go to Verdi on the road bike. The first ten miles went by quickly, but by 20 miles, I was thinking about quitting. Kept going, though, and toughed it out. I even picked up the pace on the last several miles. Averaged 14.2 mph. Prayed quite a bit for the first 20 miles or so, but then was just focused on riding.

Before doing that ride, I took the bike trailer to the grocery store. Picked up some foods that are recommended by the author of the book I picked up the other day. Sauerkraut, pickles, spinach, brussels sprouts, lentil soup, brown rice, and carrots. Picked up a few other items also.

There was a cycling club board meeting this evening. They are on the first Monday of the month. It dragged on and on.

Am exhausted. Off to get ready for bed. Will probably sleep in tomorrow. Am hoping to feel up to riding the road bike to Verdi. Tomorrow is my last day of vacation. It is back to work on Wednesday.

2015/10/04 20:25 Sunday

Had a good ride today. The average was slow, only 13.6 mph, but I prayed a lot and felt close to God. Did 30.65 miles of laps around the lake on the commuter bike. Didn't want to ride to Verdi on the Roubaix, as the AccuWeather app was predicting rain. Should have trusted the KTVN app, which was forecasting a 0% chance of rain.

As always, I am thankful to be able to watch church service webcasts.

After today's webcast, I laid down to rest for about 45 minutes before doing the ride. Slept about 12 hours last night. Am hoping that following the advice in the book I bought yesterday will alleviate the exhaustion. It will be hard to follow the recommended diet, though.

It is late. Off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/10/03 19:10 Saturday

Didn't do the ride to the petroglyphs today. Amy heard it was muddy. My mountain biking skills aren't that good, and I was concerned I might crash in the mud. Crashing in the dirt would be one thing, but I didn't want to get muddy. We will probably go next Tuesday.

It was just as well that we didn't go, as I have been very tired today. Took a rest day from riding, as I rode the last six days.

Went to a bookstore and bought a book titled "The Microbiome Solution." Amy pointed it out to me yesterday. I had mentioned to her that I have been having gastrointestinal problems and that I have started taking a probiotic. The book is about promoting good bacteria in the system and what happens when there aren't enough of them or the right kind of them. I am wondering if my exhaustion is related to the gut issues.

Should have been in bed a while ago. Have been reading the book I bought today and also the Lance Armstrong book, and just want to keep reading. Am about to drop, so I had better get ready for bed.

2015/10/02 19:50 Friday

Amy and I didn't go to the petroglyphs today. She had her days mixed up. She had an appointment this morning. We are planning to go on our adventure tomorrow.

Did laps around the lake on the commuter bike. Went to the ATM machine first to make a deposit, so the mileage was a tad bit higher than usual on the lap-riding days. It was 30.97 miles. Averaged 14 mph. Was taking it easy.

After the ride, Amy and I went to lunch. Then we went to a bookstore. I bought a cookbook, of all things. It is titled "The Feed Zone Cookbook." A feed zone is the section of a cycling race in which the riders are given bags with food to eat while they are riding. They don't stop; they just grab the bags from their team support as they ride by. The cookbook has recipes for more than food to eat while cycling, though. It has meals for all day. The recipes are almost all quite simple to make, which appeals to me as a novice cook.

At the last cycling club meeting, the president brought a box of books that someone have given him to give away. One was Lance Armstrong's book, "It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life." I took that one, and I started reading it this evening. It is a good read so far.

I should have gone to bed early instead of starting to read the book, since I won't be able to sleep in. I will need to get up at about 7 o'clock. Am off to finish getting ready for bed. Better late than never.

2015/10/01 19:25 Thursday

Rode the trainer today. Didn't want to ride in the rain. Rain itself isn't that bad, but the road grit that gets on the bike, on the legs, and on a stripe up the back is annoying. Maybe I should get fenders for the commuter bike. Anyway, I did 25 miles on the trainer at an average speed of 16.9 mph. Listened to the sermons from 09/20 and 07/26. The one from 07/26 was from a guest speaker. I missed that Sunday because of the cycling club Yellow Jersey party that celebrates the end of the Tour de France.

Amy and I are planning on riding to the petroglyphs tomorrow. I'm not sure where they are. I think she and Randy said they are about ten miles from Hidden Valley. I'll take the fat bike. There isn't any rain in the forecast, but it is supposed to be chilly in the morning and not all that warm in the afternoon.

Had the truck smogged today and submitted the registration online. Got that out of the way for another year.

Off to get ready for bed. Am fading fast.

2015/09/30 19:30 Wednesday

Dreamt again last night that I was back in the church from which I am in exile. Bittersweet recurring dream.

Wanted to ride to Verdi on the Roubaix today, but the weather was iffy. Didn't want to risk being quite a ways from home if it were to start pouring rain. Did 30.6 miles of laps around the lake on the commuter bike. Averaged only 13.7 mph. Got rained on a few times, but it never rained hard while I was riding. Tomorrow's forecast is calling for rain. Am planning on starting a ride at about 3pm, when the chance of precipitation is only 20% according to Channel 2's iPhone app. However, accuweather's app is showing a good chance of rain all day. Might end up on the trainer tomorrow. That would be just as well, as I still haven't listened to the sermon from 09/20, and trainer time is sermon time.

Slept about 12 hours last night. Wasn't all that tired today, but am fading now. Off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/09/29 18:05 Tuesday

Slept only about eight hours last night, and have been tired, but not as tired as usual after sleeping only eight hours, thankfully.

Asked the gynecologist about going off the paroxetine. He was okay with that. I will phase it out and see if the hot flashes get worse or stay the same. If they get worse, I will go back on the paroxetine. Have I ever mentioned that I loathe being female?

Rode the commuter bike to the doctor's office. It was only a 3.13-mile round trip. After getting home, I waited until the temperature warmed up some and then rode the Roubaix to Verdi. The mileage was 36.24 miles. The average speed was a pitiful 13.8 mph. There was a headwind on the way back.

Had a flat on the way back from Verdi. Had a sliver of metal in the rear tire. Was going to patch the tube, but there wasn't any glue in the glue tube in my patch kit. Had to use the spare tube I had in the saddle bag.

Am fading fast. Off to get ready for bed.

2015/09/28 20:35 Monday

Rode to Verdi on the Roubaix. Did 36.26 miles. The average speed was only 14.7 mph. The wind had picked up by the time I was heading back, and there was a headwind.

After that, I took the bike trailer to Costco. Then I went to the bike shop for new pedals and a derailleur adjustment. Amy and Randy invited me to go with them to El Adobe after the shop closed, so I hung around the shop and then we went to the restaurant. That was the first time I had eaten there, but they are regulars. It was good.

Am up way later than I would like, though, and I have to get up early and shower before a doctor's appointment. Will be going to the gynecologist for a follow-up on the transition from estradiol to a low dose of paroxetine for the hot flashes. I loathe being female.

Off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/09/27 17:20 Sunday

Thankfully, I was able to watch the church service webcast this morning. I checked the website several times this morning, but it wasn't available. I was about to give up and get ready to ride, but checked it again at 10:30 am, and it came up. I am grateful. I had been wondering if the bill hadn't been paid, and thought about calling the number and paying it myself, but was concerned that I could get in trouble. I'd rather stay under the radar to some extent. The church financial manager might have raised objections if I were to have paid it. I thought about getting a prepaid Visa card and paying anonymously. It didn't come to that, though.

Amy sent me a text last night after I had gone to bed asking if I wanted to go to the Galena Fest at about 10 am. When I saw the text this morning, I thought about going, since I didn't think I would be able to watch the webcast. I didn't really want to go anyway, and I'm glad I did decline, since the church website came back online in time for me to watch the webcast.

After the webcast, I did a ride. Did 30.56 miles of laps around the lake on the commuter bike. Averaged only 13.7 mph. Was so tired that I felt really out of it by about halfway through the ride. Kept going, though. Am hard-headed. Was having some balance problems before the ride, and it was worse after the ride, although I didn't have balance problems during the ride.

Was in bed for about 14 hours last night, and slept for about 12 1/2 of that. Had trouble falling asleep; it was about an hour before I drifted off. Then, this morning, I laid in bed about half an hour after I woke up before dragging myself out of bed. Will be going to bed early again this evening.

Have been having some gastrointestinal issues. Made an appointment with Digestive Health Associates. They couldn't get me in on one of my days off until October 13th. However, in an email from Hammer Nutrition, I found out about one of their supplements called Digest Caps. They contain probiotics. In reading the email and the information on their website, I found that proper intestinal flora helps keep down ammonia levels in the body, and that excess ammonia can cause serious fatigue. Maybe my exhaustion has been caused by high ammonia levels. I haven't been tested for that. I ordered some Digest Caps, and they will be here tomorrow. Hopefully they will help.

Off to get ready for bed.

2015/09/26 16:15 Saturday

Tried to go to the church website to view the sermon listening guide, but the page that comes up says the site is currently unavailable. It gives a phone number for the owner of the site to call. Probably won't be able to watch the sermon webcast tomorrow. Rats.

Wasn't able to get up early enough to shower before the river cleanup. Oh, well. Showered afterward.

Was hoping to be able to ride after the river cleanup, but was just too tired. Am planning on being in bed no later than 5:30 this evening.

2015/09/25 20:55 Friday

Yay. Am on vacation. Don't have to be back at work until October 7th. Needed to schedule another three-day week off in order to use some time off before the end of the year, and decided to take it in the upcoming week. Sort of wanted to wait until November to take it, in order to spread out my time off, but due to circumstances, I was concerned that if I waited, I might not be able to take it in good conscience because of the workload. I will also be taking Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas off. Will have Christmas off also, which is the only day the warehouse will be off work.

After work, I saw that there was an update to iOS available, and decided to install it. I wanted to make some cashew energy balls, so I did that while the iPhone was being upgraded. Probably should have just gone to bed right after work. Will need to get up early enough to shower before the river cleanup.

Off to get ready for bed before I drop. Better late than never. Have been so tired the last few nights that I have been staggering.

2015/09/24 20:15 Thursday

It was sort of slow at work today, which was good. I stayed busy, though, as usual. Had to work a little late, but only about 20 minutes. Three days down, one to go.

Had better get ready for bed now. Am too tired to think.

2015/09/23 20:35 Wednesday

I wasn't as swamped at work today as yesterday, but I stayed busy. There is always something that needs to be done.

Had to shower this evening, so I will be getting to bed late again. Hopefully I will get to bed early tomorrow.

2015/09/22 20:30 Tuesday

Was swamped at work today. Then when I got home, my sister in El Paso wanted bike advice via Facebook, so I'll be getting to bed much later than I would like. Am exhausted.

2015/09/21 18:20 Monday

Busy day. My sleep was restless last night, and I finally gave up trying to sleep and got up at 5:30 am. Paid bills. Am making progress, slowly but surely. After paying bills, I did laundry. The hampers were full, so I didn't want to wait until my next weekend. Then I did a ride. Was tired, so I just did laps around the lake on the commuter bike at an easy pace. Did 30.66 miles at an average speed of only 14.0 mph. Then I showered. After that, I took my friend Dan to Port of Subs for an early dinner. I had four gift cards that I got from work. The company has lunch brought in for the entire warehouse at times, and the people who aren't scheduled to work those days get gift cards to Port of Subs.

Am fading fast. Off to get ready for bed.

2015/09/20 18:00 Sunday

Made it through the ride. It was 54.91 miles. It started at Bowers and went to Genoa, and then went back the same way. There was a climb on Combs Canyon Road toward the end of the ride that was fairly long and steep. The climb was a challenge, but I made it. Averaged only 14.0 mph, which was about what I was expecting.

Off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/09/19 18:15 Saturday

Was hoping to get to bed by 5pm, but that didn't work out. Then I was hoping to get to bed by six o'clock, but that time passed by also. Have been exhausted all day. Slept only about eight hours last night.

Did a very short, very easy ride today. Just wanted to loosen up to prepare for tomorrow's ride. Rode 15.82 miles of laps around the lake on the Roubaix. Averaged only 14.3 mph.

After that, I went to the bike shop for a derailleur adjustment and a fit adjustment. I've been having some knee problems lately. Randy moved the saddle forward just a bit and adjusted the angle of the cleats on my shoes.

Had better finish getting ready for bed. If I end up being as tired tomorrow as today, I'll be concerned about my ability to ride safely.

2015/09/18 20:40 Friday

It is late. Time flies. Left work at 4 o'clock, which was two hours early. Went by a bike shop to pick up my ride number bib and schwag bag. Had trouble finding the shop, and was tired and frustrated. After leaving there, I went to Costco. Picked up a food processor and some groceries. Dropped those off at home, and then headed to Savemart. Am planning on using the food processor in the morning to make cashew energy balls for taking on rides. Needed various ingredients that I didn't have, hence the trip to Savemart.

Am bushed. Off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/09/17 19:40 Thursday

Have been home from work for only a little over an hour, and am already off to get ready for bed.

2015/09/16 18:55 Wednesday

Got up at about 8:30 this morning. Finally got ready to ride by about 11 o'clock. Couldn't decide what ride to do. Started to head for Verdi on the Roubaix, but the wind was coming up, and I wavered. After a while of indecision, I decided to ride laps around the lake on the fat bike to try to get used to the pedals. Before I did laps, though, I rode to the bike shop to pick up a seat post bag. However, the mounting apparatus wouldn't work with my seat post. I have a pneumatic seat post that is controlled by a lever on the handlebars. It goes up and down automatically, which is nice for off-road use, as saddles should be lowered when going downhill and raised when going up. I ended up ordering a rack. I could use a backpack, but don't really want to.

At first, I was riding without my right foot clipped in, and when I finally clipped in, I was very nervous. After a while, though, I was able to ride clipped in, and I did a lot of practicing at unclipping. Am getting the hang of it, and am getting some confidence. The total mileage was 20.47 miles.

After the ride, I went to Costco. Had planned to do laundry today, but ran out of time and energy.

It's back to work tomorrow, unfortunately. At least I have to work only two days this week. It is one of my three-day weeks, but as noted previously, I will be taking Saturday off to rest up for the ride on Sunday.

Off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/09/15 16:20 Tuesday

Had the alarm set for 6 o'clock to try to get up and ride before the wind kicked up. However, I wasn't able to drag myself out of bed until 8:45am. It was already windy by the time I started my ride, so I just did laps around the lake on the commuter bike. Really struggled in the wind. The wind speed was reported as 21 mph with gusts up to 33 mph. Averaged only 12.9 mph for the 30.59 miles. Almost got hit by a High Voltage Electric truck. The driver was passing me with about a foot to spare, even though I was wearing a jersey that says on the back, "3 Feet Please - Safe Distance," and the law states that drivers must give three feet of clearance when passing bicycles. Then the moron cut over and came within inches of me. If I hadn't slammed on my brakes, he would have hit me. Then, I was chasing him down, and he ran a stop sign, causing another driver to have to stop to avoid hitting him. I called the company to complain. Had to leave voicemail for the person they transferred my call to.

Saw JD Schnabel running around the lake again today, or at least I think it was him. Thought about greeting him, but there wouldn't seem to be any point in doing so. I wouldn't want to stop and talk to him anyway, just because it would be uncomfortable and wouldn't accomplish anything.

There is a cycling club general meeting this evening. The speakers will be two local women who were part of an all-woman team in the Race Across America (RAAM). Participating teams ride non-stop across the country, with members tag-teaming. Some ride while others sleep in support vans. Their team averaged 19 mph. That is awesome.

Had a really bad dream last night. Dreamt that I was fired. The good news is that the reason given was that the department was overstaffed, when in reality, we are short on staffing.

Just looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow. It is supposed to be windy again, and even colder than today. Am not even going to try to get up early enough to ride before it gets windy. I need to sleep in.

2015/09/14 16:40 Monday

Dragged myself out of bed early this morning to ride before the wind picked up. High winds were predicted for today. I got on the road at 8:30am, and the wind picked up at about 9am. However, by the time I was finished, sometime around 11am, the wind was subsiding. I could have slept in and ridden later. Will try to get up early again tomorrow to ride. It is supposed to be windy early in the day tomorrow. The ride I did was a 36.06 mile Verdi ride on the Roubaix. Averaged only 14.6 mph.

After the Verdi ride, I took the fat bike out for a few laps around the lake. I really need to get used to the pedals, and the only way I will be able to do that is just to ride and practice clipping in and unclipping. The pedals are quite different from the ones on my road bikes. They are mountain bike pedals, and are harder to get the cleat out of. After a few laps, it occurred to me that I was very tired, so I headed for home. I laid down to rest for two hours. Didn't fall asleep, though. Just laid there in a fog. There is a cycling club board meeting this evening, so I won't be able to go to bed early.

Off to the meeting.

2015/09/13 18:55 Sunday

It is always a blessing to be able to watch church services online. I was sorry to hear that the pastor had a relapse of his myasthenia gravis this week, though. I'll keep praying for him.

After the service, I did a ride. It was really smoky when I started, so I wanted to stay close to home in case my lungs started burning. Did 30.63 miles of laps around the lake on the commuter bike. Averaged only 14.1 mph. Didn't have any lung problems, but for a while I did have gunk in my throat from the smoke. After a time, though, the wind cleared out some of the smoke, thankfully. Tomorrow, I will try to ride to Verdi.

Am off to get ready for bed. Wanted to get to bed really early today, but got tied up looking at Facebook, which I haven't done in a long time. My sister posted asking me about bikes, and it took some time to respond.

2015/09/12 19:45 Saturday

Overslept this morning. Finally became conscious at 5:20am. Should have been up by about 4:40am. Then, I thought I was still supposed to be at work at 5am, even though my start time changed to 6am when we went to 12-hour days. Thus, I thought I was already late. If I had realized I didn't have to be there until 6 o'clock, I could have made it to work on time. As it was, I was hurrying, but not all that much, and I ended up being five minutes late. Since I am hourly, that will count against me. Hopefully it won't happen again.

It was much slower at work today than yesterday. Got caught up on some things, but still have a lot on my plate, and I will be working only two days next week.

Off to finish getting ready for bed before I drop.

2015/09/11 21:00 Friday

Survived another non-stop day at work. The guy who works the same shift as I do is on vacation this week, and I have been swamped. One more day, and then I have four days off. Hopefully I'll get caught up on some things tomorrow. Saturdays are usually slower than other days.

Took another look at the cue sheet for the Edible Pedal, and realized that the ride I signed up for is 54.91 miles, not the 50 miles they are calling it. I figured I could do 50 miles without a problem, but five more miles might make quite a difference for me. I'll just have to pace myself.

Will be getting to bed later than I would like because I had to shower tonight. Am utterly exhausted.

2015/09/10 20:00 Thursday

Went ahead and registered for the 50-mile ride at the Edible Pedal. Was able to get the day before it off work.

Should have showered tonight, but am just too tired. Off to get ready for bed.

2015/09/09 21:05 Wednesday

Almost forgot to post this evening. It is way past my bedtime, and I am exhausted. Got tied up trying to get a different POP email client to work. I need to set up multiple POP accounts because of the way my current webhosting provider is set up. Now that I think about it, there is a workaround.

If I can get the 19th of this month off, I am going to sign up for the Edible Pedal 100 bicycle ride, which takes place on the 20th. Don't want to miss the church service webcast, but will just have to settle for listening to the sermon after it is posted. I will want to take the 19th off to rest up. I will likely be able to take it off. I won't do the full 100-mile ride. There is a 50-mile option I will sign up for.

Off to get ready for bed before I drop.

2015/09/08 20:20 Tuesday

Back to work tomorrow. Weekends are too short.

Slept not quite 12 hours last night. After coffee and breakfast, I did a ride. Rode the Roubaix out to Verdi. The mileage was 36.05 miles, and the average speed was 15.2 mph. By the time I was heading home, a headwind had come up, but it wasn't too bad and I was able to maintain a decent speed. Pushed myself a little on the ride.

Off to finish getting ready for bed, later than I would like, as usual. I've only been out of bed for about ten hours, but am bushed, and 4am will come too soon.

2015/09/07 21:00 Monday

I hope the pastor was able to attend the church picnic yesterday. I haven't given up praying for healing for him. Also, I am glad none of the church leadership was on the Ashley Madison list.

Slept about 12 hours last night, and then after being up for less than a couple of hours, I went back to bed to rest. Then Amy called and invited me to lunch. Got out of bed, showered, and met her, Randy, and another couple for lunch. It took a while to get seated and then forever to get our food, and then we talked for a while. It ended up being about a two-hour lunch.

After lunch, I did a ride. Was very tired, and probably shouldn't have even ridden, but I did. Rode 30.62 miles of laps around the lake on the commuter bike. Averaged only 13.5 mph.

Realized this evening that email sent to one of my email addresses wasn't working. Did a chat session with the webhosting provider, which was a waste of time. I finally figured out the problem myself. The email box quota for that address had been reached. However, that email was just forwarded to another email address, so the email shouldn't have even stayed in that box. Ended up downloading 10520 emails that I now have to delete from the inbox of the email client. I deleted the forward and re-added it. I don't know if that will resolve the problem. The forward that I had in place shouldn't have been leaving the messages on the server.

Because of the email problem, I will be getting to bed much later than I would like. Am off to finish getting ready for bed. At least I can sleep in tomorrow.

2015/09/06 19:35 Sunday

Romans 9:18 (NASB95):

18So then He has mercy on whom He desires, and He hardens whom He desires.
In the sermon listening guide for this morning, it is written, "The Scope of God's Righteousness is both impartial and universal." When I read that, I immediately thought of the verse above. Sometimes I wonder about such verses. Another that comes to mind is Romans 9:20-21 (NASB95):
20On the contrary, who are you, O man, who answers back to God? The thing molded will not say to the molder, "Why did you make me like this," will it?
21Or does not the potter have a right over the clay, to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for common use?
This is perhaps blasphemous to say, but sometimes God seems capricious.

After the church service webcast, I spent a little time working on my computers. On the Win7 box, I access a directory that resides on the Linux box. The Win7 box would show the directories but not the files. I had notes on how I had done the file sharing before, but I didn't have a couple of steps in the notes. After some googling, I found the steps that were needed.

After that, I did a ride. Rode the Roubaix to Verdi. That wasn't such a great idea. I was more tired than I realized. Made several mistakes when shifting, and had some balance issues a few times. Made it there and back safely and without mishap, though. Did 36.11 miles. Averaged only 14.2 mph. Was taking it easy, and by the time I was on the way back, the wind had come up and I was facing a headwind. Excuses, excuses.

Burning Man must be over. On the ride today, I saw a few dusty vehicles with dusty bicycles and dusty trailers.

Off to get ready for bed. Am bushed.

2015/09/05 20:25 Saturday

Made it through the work week. Got wrapped up in a couple of things and forgot to go to lunch in time to take the full half-hour. I almost always go to lunch late in the day, as then the lunch time seems more relaxing to me. Also, it is nice to know during lunch time that I will be going home soon after getting back from that break.

After getting home and scanning email, I took a look at the bike shop's website. I had asked Randy some time ago if he would put a link to the cycling club's website on his website. He told me he couldn't make any changes to the website because he no longer has the software he used to create it. I got to thinking today, though, that I could edit it manually and add a link to the club's website. I looked at the source code for the shop's website, and it would be easy to add a link. Also, I noticed that quite a number of the links to external sites are broken. I am going to offer to fix them for Randy and ask if I may add a link to the club's website. I would have to get the credentials to upload the modified pages to the server, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Had better finish getting ready for bed. It is late, and I am very tired.

2015/09/04 20:10 Friday

Two down, one to go. Worked a little late tonight, but only several minutes. It wasn't Packing's fault tonight; it was because the person who prints the media after I run the job that creates it was having trouble with some forms. I helped her out before I left. She is fairly new.

The linux box froze again this evening. I suspect the problems have been caused by the Firefox browser. I use Chrome most of the time, but the mail client I use (Thunderbird) opens links in Firefox by default. I am going to start copying links in emails into a Chrome browser and not use Firefox for a while to see if the problem stops.

Am utterly exhausted, but still have to shower tonight. Off to do that now and then collapse into bed.

2015/09/03 20:40 Thursday

One work day down, two to go. Had to work a little late this evening, and will probably have to again every work day this month. There are new procedures in place, and the Packing department is supposed to be finished with something by 5:40pm, which would allow time for IT to do something we need to do before leaving at 6 o'clock, but so far they haven't finished by the time they are supposed to. I'm not holding out hope they ever will be. This month, I am the one responsible for taking care of the task that has to be done before we leave.

So, I got home late, and then I was having problems with my Linux box. It had crashed and was down when I got home. Then, after I rebooted, it froze after a while. I ran the update program and rebooted, and it has been working well since then.

Am about to drop from exhaustion. Off to get ready for bed.

2015/09/02 19:50 Wednesday

Have been on the go all day long today. Will be getting to bed later than I would like.

Did a ride mid-day. Rode the Roubaix. Went up McCarran from Plumas to Caughlin Ranch and then down to Mayberry twice. The first time, my max speed was 38.5 mph. The second time, I went faster; the max speed was 44.5 mph. Also, the first time I took a right on Mayberry and looped my way back to McCarran (Mayberry -> Hunter Lake -> Plumb -> Lakeside -> Moana -> Plumas -> McCarran), while the second time, I went left on Mayberry and headed out Fourth Street to Mogul. On the second time I was going up and down McCarran, the wind had picked up substantially and I didn't want to deal with being blown around while I was riding at speed. My original plan this morning was to ride three or four of the loops, but the wind put a stop to that. My final average speed was only 13.1 mph. I was going very slow on the climbs. The total mileage was 30.66 miles.

When I was riding on Moana between Lakeside and Plumas, I saw that Clover was blocked off and there were a lot of police cars there. Read about it on the RGJ site. A California fugitive got shot by an officer who was part of a team attempting to serve a warrant.

On one of my trips south on Hunter Lake, I was passed by an Apple Maps camera vehicle. I'll be immortalized.

After the ride, I washed cycling gear and towels. Then I went to Costco. Had to shower this evening, too.

It's back to work tomorrow, much to my dismay. At least this will be one of my three-day weeks.

Off to finish getting ready for bed. Better late than never.

2015/09/01 18:20 Tuesday

Got up early this morning to have coffee and breakfast before doing a ride. Just did laps around the park on the commuter bike. Didn't want to risk having a flat or other mechanical on a Verdi ride and missing the ENT appointment. The chances of that happening were slim to none, though. Anyway, I did 30.65 miles of laps. Was taking it easy, but averaged 14.4 mph. That isn't fast, but given that I was taking it easy, it was acceptable.

For tomorrow's ride, I'm planning on going to Verdi. If I feel up to it, I will climb McCarran between Plumas and Caughlin Ranch. I want to get used to going fast downhill again.

Am bushed. I don't want to go to bed yet, but nonetheless, I will. I need to get some sleep asap.