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My purpose is to live for Christ alone.

13bForgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
- Philippians 3:13b-14 (NIV)

For beautiful the prize, and great our hope.

2017/06/26 15:55 Monday

Am exhausted beyond measure. Woke up fairly early this morning. Did a ride. Had lunch with Amy. Now I need to get ready for bed even though it is only about 4 o'clock pm.

The ride was 20.18 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro at an average speed of 15.5 mph.

Too tired to read.

2017/06/25 19:15 Sunday

Perhaps I should clarify that my friend from Tulsa was not married when we were spending time together.

Didn't wake up early enough to ride before the webcast. Slept until about 9:15am, which was over twelve hours. By the time the webcast was over, I was so tired that I went back to bed for an hour. Didn't think I would be able to ride, but stubbornly decided to give it a try. Rode the Roubaix Comp, which is the 2014 road bike. Was concerned that I might crash due to a misstep resulting from being tired, so I didn't want to ride the Roubaix Pro. Prayed for a safe ride without mishap, and gave thanks when I finished. Did 20.02 miles of laps. Rode very slowly due to being tired; averaged only 13.8 mph. The weather was hot, but that didn't bother me. It was 97 when I started, and 95 when I finished. Felt better during and after the ride than I had beforehand.

The sermon today reminded me of when the pastor and I dedicated my life to Christ, on February 28th, 1999. It also brought to mind the first day I went to the church, on June 14th, 1998. I had thought about mentioning that this last June 14th, but decided against it. Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lay.

Read Ezekiel 18.

2017/06/24 20:30 Saturday

Made it to my weekend. Turned off the alarm I had set for 5:45am on Sundays. I'm hoping I will wake up early enough to ride before the webcast, but as tired as I have been, I doubt that will happen. I did set an alarm for 9:30am, so just in case I sleep late, I will still have plenty of time to eat and start drinking coffee before the webcast.

When I checked my email this evening after work, I found an email from the guy who was my best friend when I lived in Tulsa. I miss the times we had together. I would go so far as to say I love him. However, he is happily married. I am happy for him that he is. He is a good man, and deserves a good marriage.

2017/06/23 19:45 Friday

Two work days down, one to go. Should shower tonight, but am just too exhausted. Off to get ready for bed.

2017/06/22 19:50 Thursday

One work day down, two to go.

2017/06/21 16:25 Wednesday

Had trouble falling asleep last night. Was too tired to sleep. Then, I woke up early, by about 5am, and could not get back to sleep. Had breakfast and a cup of coffee, and then got on the bike. Did 20.28 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro. Should have ridden my other road bike, which is an older and less expensive bike, or maybe the Sirrus Expert hybrid, which is also older and less expensive. I didn't crash, but the last five miles or so were sketchy, as I was quite tired.

Back to work tomorrow. It will be a three-day work week, thankfully.

Off to get ready for bed, even though it isn't even 4:30pm. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight than last night.

Read Ezekiel 17.

2017/06/20 21:30 Tuesday

Had a reasonably good ride this morning. Did 20.21 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro at an average speed of 16.2 mph. Then rode a Sirrus to a restaurant to get my favorite burrito. That round-trip was 4.69 miles. After that, I paid bills. Tonight, I went to the cycling club meeting. After I got home, I realized I hadn't read the news today. Skimmed the news. Now I have to get to bed before I collapse.

2017/06/19 18:15 Monday

Had quite a scare this evening. I drove into the apartment complex and stopped to check my snail mail. As I was pulling out of the parking place by the mailboxes, I saw a police SUV pulling into the parking lot. I prayed hard that the officer wasn't coming to talk to me. Then, as I was heading toward my apartment, I saw that there were two other RPD SUVs parked in the complex. They were not anywhere near my apartment, so I breathed a tentative sigh of relief. Then, after I got out of my car, I saw an officer over by the building next to mine. He was obviously looking for an apartment, and I then became afraid again. He went left, away from my building, but I was still scared that maybe he was looking for my apartment. It was quite a while before I felt relieved and gave thanks to God. As I have written before, I don't think merely watching the church service webcasts would constitute a crime, but I have been blind-sided before.

Wasn't able to ride today. Slept until 8:40am. Had a dental appointment in Sparks at 12:20pm, and had to shower before that. Thought maybe I would be able to get a ride in after that and before a 4:30pm appointment with the psychiatrist, but I didn't get back to Reno from the dental appointment until about 2pm. Went to the car wash and Trader Joe's after that to get those two errands out of the way. The psychiatrist appointment was just a routine medication management one. The dental appointment was a prep for a retreatment of a root canal.

Read Ezekiel 15 and 16.

2017/06/18 19:30 Sunday

Just noticed I didn't change the day of the week on yesterday's post.

After the alarm I had set for 5:45 this morning went off, I hit snooze for two hours. By then, it was too late to ride before the webcast. Rode after it was over. Did 20.22 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro at an average speed of only 14.6 mph. It was windy, and I was tired. Probably shouldn't have ridden my best bike, as I have been having balance problems today, and thus was somewhat concerned about the possibility of crashing. Had a couple of close calls due to balance issues, but managed to keep the rubber on the road. That was an answered prayer.

Missed quite a bit of the sermon. The livestream went down for a while. It does not appear to have been a problem with my system, as I did a ping of a server in the outside world, and had good response times. The livestream came back up during the invitation. Will listen to the sermon when it is posted.

I set up a dual-boot system with Linux and Windows 10 on my new (refurbished) laptop today.

I set up the floor-standing air conditioner in the bedroom today. It has been about 85 degrees in my apartment. That doesn't bother me, but I would think it would be hot in Hope kitty's opinion. It wouldn't be as hot as it is if I could leave the windows open all the way. I leave them only part-way open to make sure Hope doesn't knock the screens out and fall out. I have a second-floor apartment. However, even after I turned the AC on in the bedroom, she still spent a lot of time in the living room with me.

Read Ezekiel 14.

2017/06/17 20:15 Saturday

Thankfully, it is now my weekend, and it is a four-day one.

Got some cycling club email issues fixed. I'm not the webmaster, but I have more experience with tech issues than she does, so I was asked at the last board meeting to take a look at the problem. She does a good job overall; she just needs tech assistance at times.

Am going to try to ride before the webcast tomorrow. I have an alarm set. We'll see how many times I hit snooze.

2017/06/16 21:15 Friday

One more work day to go. Will have a busy "weekend" coming up, unfortunately.

2017/06/15 20:20 Thursday

One more work day down, two to go. Was busy all day, but the morning seemed to drag by slowly. The afternoon seemed to go by faster.

2017/06/14 20:45 Wednesday

It was a busy day at work. Still haven't gotten through all of my email.

2017/06/13 19:25 Tuesday

Have to go back to work tomorrow. Am thankful to have a good job, but even so, it will be hard to go back. Most of my vacation was spent taking care of appointments, errands, and so forth, and I still didn't get everything done that I had hoped to do.

Did 20.2 miles of laps this morning on the Roubaix Pro. Averaged only 14.8 mph, which isn't very fast for that bike. Wasn't pushing it, though, as I started getting quite woozy about halfway through the ride, and was very woozy by the time I finished. I don't know why. I was hydrating, and also fueling, even though it was a short ride. Was woozy when I was driving to Costco, also. Strange.

Read Ezekiel 13.

2017/06/12 19:50 Monday

Have had quite a bit of downtime the last two days. It has been good just to take it easy. I have felt a lot closer to God yesterday and today, since I haven't been as distracted as usual by the demands of life. There are things on my to-do list, but I have put them off because I have needed time to relax and just experience God's presence.

Because it was so windy today, even in the morning, I rode the trainer instead of riding outdoors. Rode for an hour, and did 19.22 miles. Practiced unclipping with my left foot, which slowed me down. In all the years I have ridden with clipless pedals, I have always stayed clipped in with my left foot, and just unclipped with the right foot. Not being able to unclip with the left foot also is risky, though.

Called the bike shop and talked to Randy today about an issue I was having with squealing brakes on yesterday's ride. He and Amy live off of Timberline, the road near where the Mt. Rose highway veers left toward Galena Creek park, and he said they had snow up there this morning.

Read Ezekiel 12.

2017/06/11 18:25 Sunday

Rode the Sirrus Expert this morning before the webcast. Did only 15.87 miles of laps, as I ran out of time. It was just as well, as my toes were soaking wet and were getting quite cold. I should have put on shoe covers before heading out, but I didn't. I didn't think it would rain the whole time, nor that it would stay as cold as it did. Averaged only 12.9 mph.

It was good to ride before instead of after. Riding afterward presents a distraction. Also, I often feel better after I ride, and thus it is easier to be worshipful after riding. I have set an alarm for Sunday mornings, and will see if I can drag myself out of bed in time to ride beforehand in the future. Since I normally work on Saturdays, I'm not sure if I will be able to.

The pastor mentioned that there is worship through music, and worship through preaching. That struck chords in my soul. I don't care much for music, but attentiveness to preaching is a form of worship.

Something manifested by the worship leader that I can relate to is that he has a very intense look on his face during his worship. Some people smile during worship, but he typically doesn't. I am much the same. To me, worship is intense, and smiling presents a distraction. I don't know if that is the case with him, but it is with me.

Some things the pastor said during the sermon terrify me. I wonder if I am shooting myself in the foot by making it obvious that I watch the church's webcasts. I live with fear that police will come for me, even though I don't think that watching the webcasts constitutes a crime of any sort. I was blindsided before, and I fear being blindsided again. I pray the pastor wouldn't do that to me again.

Read Ezekiel 11.

2017/06/10 16:35 Saturday

Woke up at about 4:30am and couldn't get back to sleep, even though I was tired. Part of the reason for that, but only part, was that Hope kitty wanted attention. Am hoping I will wake up early enough tomorrow to do a ride before the church service webcast. It is supposed to be windy in the afternoon.

Did 20.15 miles of laps on the Sirrus Expert. Was too tired to feel comfortable taking the Roubaix Pro out. Averaged only 13.6 mph.

Rode downtown to watch a few races at the Tour de Nez.

Read Ezekiel 10.

Off to get ready for bed, even though it is still afternoon.

2017/06/09 18:50 Friday

After sleeping about 14 hours last night, I felt a lot better today. This morning, I did 20.14 miles of laps at an average speed of 14.9 mph. Rode the Sirrus Expert again today, as it has fenders. Got drizzled on during the last four laps or so. The weather was chilly, too. Had to wear a midweight long-sleeved base layer under my jersey.

Tomorrow is the Tour de Nez. Will ride a workout in the morning, and then head over on a bike to watch some of the races.

Read Ezekiel 9.

2017/06/08 15:55 Thursday

Watched part of the Comey testimony. Missed the start. I thought Comey gave Trump the undeserved benefit of the doubt on quite a few occasions. I also thought that McCain was an idiot. He ignored the difference between Clinton's possibly having been taking advantage of by a foreign power, and the Trump campaign's likely collusion (and possibly Trump himself's) with that foreign power.

It was too windy to ride today, and besides, I was too tired to ride, even on the trainer. Also, my legs are unsteady. I am having trouble walking without staggering.

It is barely four o'clock, and I am already heading to bed. Just can't function due to the exhaustion.

Read Ezekiel 8.

2017/06/07 19:00 Wednesday

Went to the eye doctor this morning for the annual exam, and ordered contact lenses. The doctor's office is in Costco, and I ordered the lenses from Costco. They have very good prices.

Did 20.07 miles of laps on the Sirrus Expert. Wanted to ride the Roubaix Pro, but as usual, I was so tired that I was concerned that I might lose my balance and crash. Averaged 13.8 mph. It was windy by the time I got on the bike.

Read Ezekiel 7.

2017/06/06 18:55 Tuesday

Had trouble falling asleep last night. Was too tired to sleep.

Registered the Crosstrek this morning. Ordered a blue plate with "IXTHYS." Used the Y instead of the U because of the capital letters on the plate.

Did 20.04 miles of laps on the Sirrus Expert. Averaged only 13.4 mph. It was windy, and I was tired.

Read Ezekiel 6.

2017/06/05 20:35 Monday

Did 20.13 miles of laps on the Sirrus Expert Carbon. Didn't want to ride the Roubaix Pro, as I was very tired, and if I were going to crash, I wouldn't want to crash on the new bike. Also, the Sirrus is a hybrid, so it is a little more stable. It has flat handlebars and wider tires.

Had a cycling club board meeting this evening. Was utterly exhausted by the time it was over. Prayed hard that I would make it home safely and without mishap. Gave thanks when I did. Everyone on the board liked my new Crosstrek. Another board member bought one very recently also, but she didn't have hers there, as her husband is also on the board, and he had driven them to the meeting.

Have to be up early in the morning to go to the DMV to register the Crosstrek.

Read Ezekiel 5.

Am so tired my head is spinning.

2017/06/04 17:25 Sunday

Had trouble falling asleep last night. Laid there in a fog for a couple of hours. Then, I woke up every two hours or so. Finally got up at about six o'clock. Felt better than I did yesterday, but then sometime during the webcast, I started crashing. Curled up in a chair after the webcast and dozed for a while. Was awakened after about an hour by a neighbor hammering something. Was too tired to ride again today.

Myself, I always feel closer to God when things are going well, and very distant from Him when they are not. My heart gets very hard when things are not going well. That is a survival strategy ingrained in my soul during the pain of my childhood.

The webcast audio cut out during the closing prayer in the second service today.

Had a dream the other night that I was back at the church. During part of it, I was driving the pastor somewhere in my truck, and we were delivering a large package. Whenever I dream that I am back at the church, I am always uncomfortable there in the dream, but not nearly as uncomfortable as I would be in real life. I am thankful to be able to watch church service webcasts, so I don't have to attend a church to watch sermons.

Read Ezekiel 4.

2017/06/03 16:15 Saturday

Am exhausted beyond measure. Was way too tired to ride today, even on the trainer. Picked up the Roubaix Pro from the bike shop, went by REI to pick up an order, and stopped at the Costco gas station. Was too tired to drive, really, but I did anyway.

Read Ezekiel 3.

Have been awake for less than eight hours, but have to go to bed now. Don't know how I managed to stay awake this long.

2017/06/02 20:15 Friday

Made it through the work week, and now I am on vacation. Am thankful I don't have to work tomorrow. I am so tired that I'm about to pass out from exhaustion, and I don't think I could make it through another work day.

2017/06/01 21:05 Thursday

Will be very busy during my vacation time. Have a few doctors' appointments, will need to register my car, and will be watching the Tour de Nez pro bike race on the 10th. I crave downtime, but I never seem to get it.

2017/05/31 20:50 Wednesday

I was the only one in IT working today, and it was busy all day long. Two more workdays and then 11 days off.

Heard from the bike shop today that the caliper already arrived. They will need to pick up another part tomorrow. The bike should be ready for me before Saturday morning, which is the soonest I would be able to pick it up.

2017/05/30 17:50 Tuesday

Had trouble falling asleep last night, and then woke up early. Getting to bed later tonight than I would like, also.

Did 20.18 miles of laps this morning at an average speed of 15.1 mph. Ran into Amy at the lake. We had planned to do lunch today, but she had caught a cold, so we didn't go after all.

Went to the car wash on McCarran today by the new Chik-Fil-A. That was a mistake. I didn't know that was where the Chik-Fil-A was. Got stuck in a line of people waiting to get to the restaurant.

Just realized that there is a KTMB event this Sunday. Haven't decided whether or not to go. I'm inclined not to go, in part because I don't want to miss the church service, and in part because it is a flower planting event. I could always just listen to the sermon after it is posted, but I am completely incompetent at gardening.

Read Ezekiel 1 and 2.

2017/05/29 16:55 Monday

Slept about 13 hours last night.

Did 20.09 miles of laps this morning at an average speed of 14.4 mph. Struggled because I was very tired.

Took the truck to the grocery store and then Trader Joe's. Found a dead bird in the truck bed. Gross. I have trash picker-uppers, so it wasn't a problem to get it out and to the trash can.

Read Lamentations 5, which is the last chapter.

Off to bed by 5pm again tonight. Too tired to function. Wanted to get more done today, but was too tired.

2017/05/28 16:50 Sunday

Forgot that the only church service would be at 10 o'clock today. Had a reminder set for 30 minutes before the service, though. Good thing I was already out of the shower.

Have had the song, "I Surrender All," in my head much of the day. What the pastor said about singing it and playing it on his guitar while in the woods with tears streaming down his face was inspiring.

If it weren't so tragic, I would have laughed at the slide stating that all were welcome at the church picnic. All were welcome, that is, except for one person who would likely have gotten tased if she had taken that literally and shown up. Not that I would want to attend any event at any church, anyway.

Did 20.06 miles of laps on the Roubaix Comp. The average speed was only 13.8 mph. Was tired, and it was breezy at the lake.

Read Lamentations 4.

It isn't even five o'clock, but I am so exhausted that I am not functioning very well. Off to bed.

2017/05/27 20:20 Saturday

The work week is over, thankfully. Just three days off this "weekend," but then after another three-day work week, I will have 11 days off. Will be going to the Tour de Nez to watch the races on June 10th.

2017/05/26 20:45 Friday

Have been tired all day, as usual. However, the drive home today wasn't as bad as yesterday's, but I still didn't feel all that alert.

The downstairs neighbor irritates the daylights out of me. For example, she called me at work today and just rambled on and on. I tuned her out and kept working. After quite a while, she said that I must be having a slow day if I could listen to her for so long. I told her that I was working while she was talking, but that didn't stop her. She finally stopped when I had another call coming in.

I'm peeved at Amy also. Yesterday was my birthday, but she didn't acknowledge that. I guess she didn't remember. Birthdays don't mean much at all to me nowadays, at my age, but even so, one would think a true friend would remember and at least send a text. It is typical that she didn't remember or maybe just didn't get around to texting me.

2017/05/25 20:00 Thursday

Was so tired today that I had trouble functioning, and the drive home from work was downright scary because of that. Prayed hard that I would make it home safely and without mishap, and gave fervent thanks when I did.

2017/05/24 19:55 Wednesday

Another busy day. Didn't get much accomplished, though. It was a frustrating day. Need rest. Looking forward to my vacation time.

Received an email from the Nevada Humane Society asking recipients to make calls or go to the Legislature site to support the amended version of SB411. Made the calls to the eight legislators listed in the email.

Did 20.17 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro at an average speed of 15.7 mph. There was some noise coming from the front disc brake intermittently. After the ride, I took the bike in to the shop. Turns out the casing on one side of the brake caliper was cracked. The mechanic called Specialized, and they said the bike should not be ridden. Unfortunately, Specialized is out of stock on the calipers, and it will be about two weeks before they will get them. That means it won't be at the shop until close to the time my vacation will be over. Rats.

Read Lamentations 3.

2017/05/23 19:10 Tuesday

Was chatting with the Asset Protection manager at work the other day, and told him I had bought a new car. He asked me what I had gotten, and he told me that he and his wife had also just bought a new Crosstrek. It will be his wife's car. He told me that they had carefully checked out all the other vehicles in the Crosstrek's class (crossover), and decided on that vehicle. That provided validation for my decision. I hadn't done due diligence in checking out other vehicles; I just checked out the Crosstrek and liked what I found. I was glad that Mark told me that he and Lori had done a lot of checking out of other vehicles.

Another busy day today. Had a $10 off coupon from SqueezeIn for my birthday, so I took the downstairs neighbor to brunch. Then went to Costco, and after that, up the hill to Scolari's. The Crosstrek took the hill just fine.

Rode the Roubaix Pro this afternoon. That is the new bike. Did 20.3 miles of laps at an average speed of 15.5 mph. Was tired, but didn't want to skip riding. Had some balance issues, as is typically the case when I am tired.

Have a vacation from work coming up. Will work my normal three-day week this week, and then I will work a three-day week again next week, as I will have July 3rd off for my Memorial Day holiday. I will then be off work until June 14th. The Tour de Nez pro bicycle race will be on Saturday the 10th, and I wanted to watch, so I wanted to take that day off. Decided to take the entire work week off. Figured that would be as good a week to take off as any. Have to use a certain amount of vacation time each year, or will lose it. I get not quite five weeks of vacation per year.

Read Lamentations 2.

2017/05/22 19:05 Monday

Busy day. Had errands to run. Did 20.06 miles of laps on the Roubaix Comp this afternoon at an average speed of 14.4 mph. Earlier in the day, I wasn't even sure I would be able to ride. Was woozy for most of the morning and mid-day. Might ride the Roubaix Pro tomorrow.

Went back to the OT, and picked up where I left off. Read Lamentations 1.

2017/05/21 17:45 Sunday

Missed part of one of the pastor's jokes due to a glitch in the livestream. I heard, "atoms make up everything," but not what he said is like atoms. Will listen to that part of the sermon when it is posted.

In my opinion, the worship time today was much better than last week, despite the worship leader missing the words a few times. It was good seeing JD back, too.

The cycling club cleanup went well. The last time we did it was the first time that stretch of road had been cleaned, as we had just adopted our spot. At that time, there was a lot of cleaning to do, and thus it took quite a while. This time, we were done in about an hour, even though we had fewer people than the last time. My role was to drive my truck up and down the stretch, picking up full bags and handing out new ones. We also had buckets that I ferried to the trash dumpster and back.

Didn't even think about riding today. Showered and paid bills before the church service webcast, and then by the time the cleanup was over, I was way too tired.

Read 2 Peter 3.

Am really tired. Off to get ready for bed.

2017/05/20 20:30 Saturday

Today wasn't as busy as I expected it to be, but even so, I was so exhausted all day that I was barely functional.

The cycling club is doing a KTMB cleanup tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock. Will leave for that right after the church service webcast.

2017/05/19 20:30 Friday

Rough day at work today. Was the only one in IT there today, and it will be the same tomorrow. Need rest.

2017/05/18 20:50 Thursday

Got to bed late last night, but slept well. Am getting to bed later than I would like tonight, too. Am about to drop from exhaustion.

2017/05/17 21:45 Wednesday

Had very bad insomnia last night, and tonight I will be getting to bed very late. Had things to take care of. Am exhausted beyond measure. Off to finish getting ready for bed before I pass out from the exhaustion.

2017/05/16 18:40 Tuesday

Picked up the Crosstrek today. The paperwork took longer than I expected. It has been 8 1/2 years since I bought a vehicle, and I don't recall it taking that long.

Did a ride before going in to pick up the car. Did 20.13 miles of laps on the Sirrus Expert. It has fenders, which is why I chose to ride it. Rain was predicted, but it didn't rain after all. Averaged only 13.8 mph. Then I rode the 1.93 miles to the dealership.

Read 2 Peter 3. Will read it again on my next day off, if not sooner. Am too tired to focus.

2017/05/15 15:40 Monday

Something else that was said in yesterday's sermon comes to mind. The pastor said that it is the husband's responsibility to decide who should be president of the US. As I have written before, if I were married and my husband had voted for Trump, I would divorce him on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Furthermore, if the hypothetical husband were to have told me I had to vote for Trump, I would have told him that he was as unhinged as Trump himself.

Was too tired to ride today, even on the trainer. Ran a quick errand, did a chore, did five loads of laundry, and that took all the energy I had. By that time, my legs were very unsteady. Off to finish getting ready for bed, even though it isn't even four o'clock in the afternoon.

Read 2 Peter 2.

2017/05/14 17:25 Sunday

When I was 25 years old, my grandmother told me that I was too strong-willed and independent ever to get married. I replied that I did not want to get married. That has never changed. I often give thanks that I never married (and especially that I never had children). Contrast that to the implied presumption expressed by the pastor today that all unmarried women would like to be married.

The pastor dissed the people who had been filling in for the worship part of the services. He said that it had been a long time since the church really worshipped. That was not nice. Those people gave of their gifts to the church, and as far as I know, they were not paid. And as for the new worship leader, I did not like his style at all. For one thing, electric guitars grate on my nerves. I miss Mike Alger and JD Schnabel. I'm glad I do not attend the church, as I can turn down the music and do other things while that part of the webcast is on. Just one more reason never to attend church.

Tried to do a ride outdoors on the Roubaix Comp. Didn't realize it was so windy. The forecasts were not predicting that. Turned a corner in the apartment complex, and got hit by a serious headwind. Tried to ride anyway. Quit after one lap. Was being buffeted too much. When I got home, I checked a weather app, and found that the wind was blowing at 26 mph with gusts of 34 mph. No wonder I was having trouble trying to ride. Changed from cool-weather gear into hot weather gear and rode the trainer. Was really too tired to do even that. Mustered up the motivation to do it, though. Had planned to do a one-hour interval workout, but quit after 45 minutes, and also, I didn't go full-gas during the intervals. I picked up the pace, but not by all that much. The distance was only 12.16 miles, with an average speed of only 16.2 mph.

Am utterly exhausted. Off to finish getting ready for bed.

Read 2 Peter 1.

2017/05/13 20:50 Saturday

Looking forward to the weekend. A sermon tomorrow, some bike rides, and picking up the Crosstrek. Have to do laundry, though. Won't get much rest.

2017/05/12 20:00 Friday

One more work day to go. Will be busy on my three-day weekend. I just want to rest.

2017/05/11 21:20 Thursday

Am so exhausted my head is spinning.

2017/05/10 19:15 Wednesday

Another frustrating day. Got the driver's license taken care of. It will be mailed, though, so I don't have it yet.

Didn't ride. Was too busy, and was too tired anyway. Have had trouble falling asleep the last two nights, and have awakened early despite that.

Put down a deposit on a Subaru Crosstrek. Will wrap things up on Tuesday. Need to get a cashier's check from my credit union in Tulsa.

Read 1 Peter 5.

2017/05/09 19:45 Tuesday

Had another frustrating day. Tomorrow will likely start off frustrating also, as I have to go to the DMV to have my driver's license renewed. Am going to get a Real ID. Might as well get it now, since my license is expiring.

Am going to look at Subaru Crosstreks tomorrow. Am thinking about getting a newer, or maybe even new, vehicle. My truck has almost 164,000 miles on it, and some of my high school friends who still live in Southern California want me to visit. Don't think I would want to fly, nor would I want to drive a vehicle with so many miles on it that far. There is another reason, too, that would take too much time to explain. Got a good settlement from when I was hit while riding, so I would have a good down payment.

Did 20.08 miles of laps on the Roubaix Comp this morning. Was rather tired. Averaged only 14.9 mph. Might ride the Roubaix Pro tomorrow, depending on how tired I am. Won't have time to ride until the afternoon.

Off to get ready for bed, finally. Am about to drop from exhaustion, as usual.

Read 1 Peter 4.

2017/05/08 19:35 Monday

Had a frustrating morning trying to get some things taken care of. I left a lot of browser windows open to pages I needed to reference. Then, tonight, there was a power outage. I decided to update my linux box after the power came back on. Normally, if the browser windows are open when the computer is shut down, they all open back up when the browser is started up again. This time, they didn't. That means I have to go through the history and manually start up the windows I need. I am now in a very foul mood.

Did a ride in the early afternoon. Did 20.02 miles of laps on the Roubaix Comp at an average speed of 15.3 mph. Got stuck behind slow-moving traffic a lot.

Read 1 Peter 3. Don't know what to think about that chapter.

2017/05/07 19:15 Sunday

It was a nice day for a ride, albeit not nearly as warm as I would have liked. Did 20.11 miles of laps around the lake on the Roubaix Comp. That is my old one. Am still wanting more time on a road bike before I take the new one out again. Felt comfortable being clipped in, except when I was tailgating slow-moving traffic. Averaged only 14.1 mph. There was some kind of commotion going on during several of the laps. There were a lot of police cars on Eastshore, and at one point there was a fire truck and an ambulance. The first time I saw the police, they had a man up against a picnic table and it looked like they were handcuffing him.

The livestream of the church service didn't start until 11:02am today. I was afraid that I would miss the sermon, but the webcast finally went live toward the end of the worship time.

Read 1 Peter 2.

2017/05/06 16:35 Saturday

It didn't rain until after the KTMB event was over, thankfully. Wanted to ride today, but was too tired after the event. Was tired all day long, for that matter, and am exhausted beyond measure now. Off to get ready for bed.

Read 1 Peter 1 again.

2017/05/05 21:40 Friday

It was hectic toward the end of the day at work today. Earlier, I had spent a couple of hours with a couple of vender techs while they configured a system, and that set me back regarding work I had to do.

Depending on which weather report is to be believed, there will be either a 90% chance of rain or a 20% chance during the event tomorrow.

2017/05/04 21:25 Thursday

One more work day, then five days off. Because of the KTMB event, though, Saturday won't seem like a day off.

2017/05/03 20:15 Wednesday

One more work day down, and two to go. The forecast for Saturday is getting worse. At least I have rain gear.

2017/05/02 20:50 Tuesday

Made it through one work day. Three to go. Then comes the KTMB event. Unfortunately, rain is in the forecast for Saturday.

2017/05/01 21:15 Monday

Had a good ride again today. Did 20.18 miles of laps around the lake on my old Roubaix, which is a road bike. Wanted to get used to the feel of a road bike again before riding the new Roubaix any more. If I were to crash, I would want to do so on the older bike. Rode clipped in, even on the hill, and was comfortable doing so. I also rode out of the saddle in the two areas where I have done so in the past. Did that yesterday on the Sirrus, too, but before that it had been a while since I had, because I wasn't riding clipped in very much. Much of the difference is due to having been too tired to ride safely until the rides of the last two days. Anyway, I averaged 14.5 mph.

Had a cycling club board meeting tonight, so I will be getting to bed late. Also, I have to work tomorrow, as I am shifting this week's schedule to Tuesday - Friday so I will be able to have Saturday off for a KTMB event, as mentioned a few days ago.

Started rereading 1 Peter. Stopped after verses 6 and 7. I wonder what the pastor will say about those verses in the sermon this Sunday. I had thought about doing a group ride this Sunday, as there will be a special event this week, but don't want to miss any of the church service since those verses will be the topic of the sermon.