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My purpose is to live for Christ alone.

13bForgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
- Philippians 3:13b-14 (NIV)

For beautiful the prize, and great our hope.

2017/10/18 20:25 Wednesday

Made it through the work day, somehow. Three more days to go.

2017/10/17 20:35 Tuesday

Slept about 12 1/2 hours last night. Had set alarms in the hope that I would be able to do a ride with a group this morning. Woke up with unsteady legs, wooziness, and shakiness. Skipped the ride, for obvious reasons. Didn't even feel up to riding the trainer.

Compared on a website the cost of living in Reno to that in San Bernardino. Found that it is actually rated as less in San Bernardino, at least according to the one website I looked at. Might just go ahead and ask for a transfer when the SoCal facility moves there from Buena Park next year. I would like to get away from the Northern Nevada winters and the 12-hour work days. If I do transfer, when the time comes that "nonbinary" is put into place as a gender option on drivers' licenses, I will choose that.

Went to a cycling club meeting this evening. Probably shouldn't have, as I have been exhausted all day, and have to be at work at 6am. Drove the truck. Figured if I had been too tired to drive home safely, I would rather have crashed the truck than the Crosstrek.

Will be watching the early service webcast this Sunday. The cycling club cleanup of our Mayberry Adopt-A-Spot area will be this Sunday at 12 o'clock.

Read Matthew 1-3.

2017/10/16 16:30 Monday

Too tired to ride again today. Slept 13 hours last night, and spent another hour half-awake and trying to muster the energy to get out of bed. Going to bed now, after being up for only eight hours. This is no way to live.

Finished Malachi.

2017/10/15 17:35 Sunday

Too tired to ride today. Went back to bed for a couple of hours right after the webcast. When I was looking in the mirror after I got up, I looked very pale. My ears are ringing very loudly, also. The more tired I get, the louder it gets.

I was sorry to hear that Stuart Hunter passed away, but given that he had Alzheimer's, it is a blessing. I had not heard about the Alzheimer's.

There were three glitches in the late service webcast today. At 10:48, the audio stopped briefly. At 11:26, I noticed that the livestream was interrupted and the spinning arrow had appeared. I had my eyes closed from exhaustion when it started, so I don't know what the video looked like before the audio stopped. At 11:58, there was choppy video and audio, and then the spinning arrow appeared about the time I hit refresh on the browser. The video got choppy again soon after, but it cleared quickly. In the past, by the way, when the glitches were much worse and were longer, sometimes I would try to start the webcast on my Win7 PC during the glitches in case the problem was with my Linux box, but the problem appeared on that PC also.

Too tired to read. Off to finish getting ready for bed.

2017/10/14 21:00 Saturday

Another busy day. Didn't get caught up. Thankful it is my weekend now.

2017/10/13 20:55 Friday

Yet another busy day at work. Maybe tomorrow will be slow enough for me to get caught up on some things.

2017/10/12 21:05 Thursday

Busy day at work. Didn't make it through all the emails that had stacked up over my "weekend." Am dreading next week. Will be working alone for three of the four days, which means I will be even more swamped than usual.

2017/10/11 18:55 Wednesday

Amy the flake blew me off again today. We were supposed to have lunch this afternoon. However, I expected her to forget, as usual, so I texted her yesterday and today. Because she did not respond, I assumed the lunch was off. She very seldom checks her phone, or so she says. I called the shop, and she was there. She said she was too busy for lunch and apologized. Who cares.

It was really windy today when I was trying to ride laps. Gave up at 20.21 miles. Managed to average 15.5 mph despite the wind. When I got home, I checked the accuweather "actual" history, and the wind speed was 22 mph with gusts of 32 mph.

Read Malachi 1.

Am so exhausted that my head is spinning.

2017/10/10 20:25 Tuesday

While I was riding yesterday, there was a sheriff's inmate work crew cleaning up the park. On my last lap, they were gathered together taking a break. As I passed, I shouted to them, "Thanks for cleaning up, guys!" One waved, and one responded, "You're welcome." I suspect that communication with inmate work crews is not allowed, but I hope that was okay.

Did 25.54 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro. There wasn't much wind, and it wasn't very cold. Averaged 16.0 mph.

Read Zechariah 13-14, which took me to the end of that book.

2017/10/09 19:20 Monday

Did 25.39 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro this morning. It was cold and windy again today. The average speed was even slower today; it was only 14.4 mph. The wind was worst on the south side of the lake. It was also bad on the east side. Usually it is worst on the west side.

Went to the dermatologist today. I go every year for a body scan to see if there are any moles or anything that might look cancerous. Asked her about the earlobe issue. She said it didn't seem to be an infection, but rather a cyst that is generating the substance that I thought indicated an infection. She said it would be best not to remove it surgically unless it starts becoming painful.

Read Zechariah 10-12.

2017/10/08 18:55 Sunday

The webcast of the second service froze twice today. The first time was at 11:04, during the song "I Believe." It froze for about five seconds and then came back where it left off. The second time was at about 11:27, while the pastor was reading the study passage. The video froze first, but there was still audio for a bit. I'm not sure how long the audio continued after the video froze, because I was not looking at the screen when the video first froze. When I looked back, I saw that it was frozen. Not long after that, the audio stopped, and the spinning arrow appeared. I took the livestream out of full-screen mode and hit refresh on the browser, and all was good then. From the time I noticed the problem until I got it refreshed was about 13 seconds. Again, I am on a wired connection, with Charter, on a Linux box (Fedora 26), and I use Chrome.

Did 25.43 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro. It was cold and windy, but I was dressed better for the weather today than on my last ride. Averaged only 14.6 mph.

Looking at the Life Application Section caused me pain and angst. It brought to mind what I went through in my legal troubles, and I couldn't face the questions.

Read Zechariah 8-9.

2017/10/07 20:15 Saturday

Learned something new at work today. Was trying to get caught up on back-burner tasks in between other tasks, and then a phone call came in about a problem that was preventing people from working. Scanners weren't responding at times. Thought it might be a CPU utilization issue on a server, but that wasn't it. Then I looked at wifi connectivity. That wasn't it. Figured it was user error, and was correct. Turned out that it was an issue caused by people inadvertantly scanning barcodes with about 17 digits into quantity fields when the quantities should have been small numbers. Spent hours dealing with that issue, but I learned from a home office associate what the problem was and what to do to get it fixed. I also learned about some of the procedures the users follow. It turned out well, but it was a bit stressful when I was trying to gather information and process it, as it was all new to me. The exhaustion wasn't helping matters.

Four-day weekend is here. Looking forward to a church service webcast and bike rides. I hope I will feel up to riding.

2017/10/06 21:35 Friday

Read an article at this evening about Japanese workers dying from exhaustion-related issues due to overwork. Myself, I have sometimes wondered if my body is just going to give out and die from exhaustion one of these days.

Saw on today that a bicycle rider was hit by a car and died. My gut tensed up in fear that it might be someone I know, at least before I read the article. I doubt if I knew the person killed, given the location and time, but it is a tragedy nonetheless.

2017/10/05 21:05 Thursday

Swamped at work today. Halfway through the work week, thankfully. Am utterly exhausted, as usual.

2017/10/04 20:35 Wednesday

Dropped off a postage-paid package at the FedEx Office place at Mt. Rose Street and Virginia this evening after work. JP took care of it. I miss seeing him sing during the church service webcasts. I didn't say anything to him related to church. Just dropped off the package and got my receipt so that I can prove it was shipped.

2017/10/03 19:30 Tuesday

Finally felt up to riding today. Life is much better when I am able to ride. Did 25.75 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro. Averaged only 14.8 mph. It was cold and breezy. Should have put on one more layer.

Didn't have any trouble with balance on the ride, but late this afternoon, I started getting unsteady again.

Back to work tomorrow. It will be a four-day week. It is getting increasingly difficult for me to make it through 12-hour days. I have been asking God for mercy regarding my health, but it hasn't done any good. My health is getting worse.

Read Zechariah 5-7. Verses 7:8-12, especially vv. 9 and 12, gave me pause.

2017/10/02 16:15 Monday

Too tired to ride again today. Still unsteady, but not as badly as yesterday. Slept about ten hours last night, and then laid down to rest this afternoon for a couple of hours.

It seems that I am abnormal when it comes to being in distress. When I am in distress, I just want to hole up in my apartment with Hope kitty. I don't want to talk, and I neither want nor need a support system from people. My ingrained lack of trust is likely the cause of that. I suppose that is a cocoon, and the pastor said for people to break out of the cocoon of grief and of selfishness. Oh, well.

For whatever it is worth, I don't think my desire to go home to California is a desire to run from God, despite His having called me to the church here in Reno years ago. What is done is done. Going back to the church would be out of the question even if it were to be an option. Being there intensified my suicidal tendencies. I recall a meeting with the pastor in which I showed him the cuts I had made on my wrists and told him that I had left church feeling suicidal the previous Sunday. I do not identify as a female, but there are gender roles and expectations in the church that I could not tolerate before, and would not be able to tolerate now. I would be able to watch church service webcasts in California as well as in Reno.

There is a cycling club board meeting this evening, and I am posting this before I go. Will likely be too tired to remember to post after the meeting.

Read Zechariah 2-4.

2017/10/01 18:55 Sunday

Too tired to ride today. My legs are unsteady, presumably due to the exhaustion. Have been having trouble standing and walking all day.

There were no glitches in the second service today, at least not on my system. I used to think the glitches might be due to the fact that I keep a lot of windows open on my Linux box, but in the last two weeks, I have had even more than ever open, and there hasn't been an issue. It seems that other viewers have seen problems in the past also. Complaining has seemed like looking a gift horse in the mouth, but perhaps it is for the best that I have done so. I use a wired connection, and I have Charter Internet.

Speaking of complaining, the A/V team keeps cutting off the livestream during the closing prayer. That bothers me, as the pastor often throws in nuggets of wisdom during it.

The pastor made mention of storms he has had in his life in today's sermon, and one he listed was "security problems." Whenever he says something like that, it is like a knife twists in my chest.

I drive by the jail going to and from work every day. Most of the time, I don't pay attention. Some days, though, I have an anxiety attack when passing by.

Finished Haggai and read Zechariah 1.

2017/09/30 20:35 Saturday

Utterly exhausted. Lots to do this "weekend," too.

2017/09/29 20:45 Friday

Two down, one to go. Need to get caught up on some things, and write some documentation on a new system.

2017/09/28 20:35 Thursday

One work day down, two to go. Was busy today, as usual, which made the time go by fast.

2017/09/27 19:15 Wednesday

Read an article on today about the California Air Resources Board and the actions they are taking to mitigate climate change as much as possible. Made me even more homesick for California. Am still considering asking for a transfer to Southern California when the Buena Park facility moves to San Bernardino next year. And, am still considering job hunting in California when the time comes for me to be offered an early retirement, which will likely be in the next three years or so.

Did 25.49 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro. Averaged 15.2 mph. It was breezy, and there was quite a bit of slow-moving traffic.

Read Haggai 1.

2017/09/26 17:55 Tuesday

Too tired to ride today. Had trouble falling asleep, and then the alarm clocks went off early because I wanted to ride before a doctor's appointment. It was for my annual physical, even though it is late in the year. Probably had only about nine hours of sleep, which isn't enough for me. Have been woozy from exhaustion all day.

Talked the doctor into ordering blood tests for a systemic fungal infection. For several years, I have had a recurring buildup of a thick, white substance in my left earlobe where I had it pierced when I was 21. I stopped wearing earrings many, many years ago, but the left hole never closed up all the way, and I periodically squeeze out the substance through the hole. He referred me to my ENT, which is strange, because I wouldn't think an ENT would deal with an infected earlobe. When I scheduled the appointment with the ENT, the scheduler thought that was strange too. She suggested going to a dermatologist. My dermatologist's office was closed before I had a chance to call, but I will call tomorrow. Maybe the earlobe infection has been causing the fatigue. I asked the doctor about that possibility a couple of years ago, but he didn't think that was the problem. I'm not impressed. He is just as bad as any other doctor I have ever been to.

Finished Zephaniah.

2017/09/25 18:30 Monday

Slept a little over 12 hours last night. Ran errands this morning, and then did a ride in the early afternoon. Did 25.44 miles of laps at an average speed of 15.5 mph. Got caught behind slow-moving traffic quite a bit, unfortunately.

Read Zephaniah 1.

2017/09/24 17:00 Sunday

Hope kitty has needed a lot of attention today, probably because she was traumatized by something yesterday.

There weren't any glitches in the webcast today, but the test isn't definitive, because glitches didn't always happen even when the wifi was on.

Was too tired to ride today. Have felt like a zombie all day. Never even got out of my PJs and robe.

Read the Book of Habakkuk.

Off to get ready for bed. Maybe after a long night's sleep, I'll feel better tomorrow.

2017/09/23 20:45 Saturday

Something must have scared poor little Hope kitty while I was at work. She wasn't waiting for me when I came in the door, and I found her in one of her hiding places. She was very hesitant about coming out, and she was very nervous for quite some time even though I was there. I just kept petting her and reassuring her that she was safe, not that she knew what I was saying. I wonder what she went through when she was a stray.

Work was very slow today. I worked on the BCP for quite a while. The day really dragged.

Was texting with my sister in El Paso today. We were texting about her job, which led to texting about her planned retirement in a couple of years, at 62. It ended up making me very depressed, as I don't see any way that I will ever be able to retire. The disasters in my life have made it very likely that I will never have the resources to do so.

One bright moment came a few minutes ago, when it came to mind that there is a church sevice webcast tomorrow to look forward to.

2017/09/22 21:25 Friday

Today wasn't as crazy as the last two days, but the workload was steady. At least being busy all the time makes the day go by quickly.

2017/09/21 20:35 Thursday

It was a crazy, busy day at work today. Tomorrow may very well be the same, as I already have things on my calendar to take care of.

I hate cold weather.

2017/09/20 20:40 Wednesday

First day back at work. It went by quickly, as I was very busy. One day down, three to go. Might have just three days off this coming "weekend" instead of four. There is a KTMB event on Saturday the 30th, the annual River Cleanup, that I was planning on taking the day off for. Not sure if the Green Team at work will be participating this year, though.

2017/09/19 20:55 Tuesday

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, on climate change (from the New York Times): '"We know enough today to act," he said. "the science is unassailable."'

Today's ride was cut short due to wind. Did only 10.65 miles of laps, and the average speed was only 14.9 mph. The wind speed was reported as 21 mph with gusts of 26 mph when I gave up, and again, I think the wind is worse at the lake. Was on the Roubaix Pro.

There was a cycling club meeting this evening. Probably shouldn't have gone, as I have been very tired all day and I have to work tomorrow, but I went anyway.

Finished Micah and read Nahum.

2017/09/18 18:45 Monday

Had a good ride today. Felt good during the ride, even though I have been tired the rest of the day. Did 25.43 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro at an average speed of 15.2 mph. After about eight miles, it got windy. The wind speed was reported as 14 mph with gusts of 23 mph. I think it is windier at the lake than most other places, though. When I leave the lake, it isn't as windy as it was there.

Finally got around to putting the flannel sheets on the bed. The regular sheets have left me feeling cold even with a blanket since the weather turned cooler.

Thought about God's response to Job in the passage the pastor read in yesterday's sermon. God did not have to answer regarding Job's suffering, and He does not have to answer regarding what I have been through.

Read Micah 5-6. Verse 6:8 stirs my soul.

2017/09/17 20:20 Sunday

It concerned me that the sermon listening guide for today's sermon was not posted by this morning. (It still isn't posted.) With the pastor's health the way it is, I couldn't help but worry that something was wrong.

Toward the end of the sermon, the pastor emphatically stated that God is not the author of evil. However, some of the passages that he had read earlier made it seem that He is, at least for some evil. Maybe the caveat about the Hebrew word translated "wills" accounts for the seeming conflict, or maybe if God is the cause of events we consider to be evil, "evil" isn't the right word for them.

The webcast audio froze for a few seconds during one of the songs before the sermon. I don't recall which one, and I cannot give any information about that, as I was in the kitchen getting sport drink bottles ready for my ride. I can give more information about another glitch, though. At 11:19am, the video got slow and choppy, and the audio stopped. That lasted a few seconds, and then the audio picked up where it left off. There did not seem to be any missing words. Right before the glitch, the pastor had said, "asked the question before us in hospital rooms."

Regarding the woman who went on the attack against the pastor because he said he didn't know if her animals would go to heaven: I certainly hope companion animals do go to heaven, but it is up to God, not any pastor, as to whether or not they do. An Ancient Greek principle comes to mind: "Don't kill the messenger."

Wasn't sure I felt up to riding today, at least not psychologically, but I felt good during the ride after all. Did 25.48 miles of laps at 15 mph on the Roubaix Pro. The average speed would have been a little faster, but for the last several laps it was quite windy. Also, starting at about that distance, at times I slowed in order to avoid another rider I have known for years but didn't want to ride with. (I have mentioned him before; he rides all over the road, including in the opposing traffic lane, blasts through stop signs, wears earbuds, and doesn't wear a helmet.) In addition to riding slower than I would have otherwise, I spent a lot of time waiting at stop signs to let him get further down the road. (My GPS auto-pauses, so the time when I was stopped didn't affect the average speed.) Thankfully, he didn't see me until I had finished my laps and was going to head for home, when I pulled up next to him. He then proceeded to almost hit a car as he was looking over his shoulder at me.

Read Micah 4.

2017/09/16 19:40 Saturday

Realized that I had ridden only four days in a row, not five. Was too tired to ride last Sunday.

Did 25.29 miles of laps on the Roubaix Comp. Averaged only 14.1 mph. It was breezy, and I was tired. It was good to ride, though.

In last Sunday's Q & A, the pastor said not to elevate animals to the level of humans. However, to me, companion animals have always been at a higher level than humans. An animal has never abused me, neglected me, or betrayed me. Over the years, my cats, and a dog that was my sister's, have taught me how to love, which humans have not done. Quite the opposite; humans have taught me not to trust.

Read Micah 2-3.

2017/09/15 17:00 Friday

Didn't ride today. Spent the morning changing my webhosting services. My former service was coming up for renewal, and they would have raised the cost substantially. Then, I had plans for lunch with my friend Dan. By the time all that was done, I was way too exhausted to do much of anything, much less ride. It was only about 2:00pm, but I was about to collapse already. I guess it is just as well that I didn't get a ride in today, as I would have needed to take a rest day soon anyway. Have ridden five days in a row, and I usually take a rest day after six days of workouts.

Read Micah 1.

Off to get ready for bed, even though it is only 5 o'clock PM.

2017/09/14 19:25 Thursday

In yesterday's list of things that I have been cursed with, I neglected to mention the psychological abuse I suffered in childhood.

Today's ride went better than in the past few days. Did 25.32 miles of laps on the Roubaix Comp at an average speed of 14.6 mph. It was windy for the last several miles, but I managed to keep up a fairly decent pace during those laps even so. Made it through the ride without any flats again.

Picked up two 20-pound bags of cat food at Costco and dropped them off at the Nevada Humane Society. Received an email yesterday that they were in need of cat food. The brand I get for them is only about $10 per bag, so when they send an email saying they need cat food, I get them two bags.

Finished Jonah.

2017/09/13 17:30 Wednesday

08:00 - After about 13 hours in bed, about 12 of which I spent asleep, I changed my mind about doing the charity ride this Sunday. Figure I'll be too tired. Last night, I prayed for guidance from God about whether or not to do the ride, but then thought that I wouldn't know one way or another what guidance He would be providing. Maybe He made me feel even more tired than usual, though.

Besides, I really don't want to miss this Sunday's sermon. I could listen to it after it is posted, but the times I have listened to the posted sermons after watching the late service webcasts, I have found that the early service webcasts have been posted. One reason I like the late service's sermons is that there seems to be more detail, as they typically run longer. I am hoping that this Sunday's sermon might shed light for me on why God cursed me with female anatomy, mental illness, legal trouble, and exhaustion. Maybe God didn't ordain the legal trouble, but He did permit it.

16:55 - Have been exhausted all day, and for the last few hours, I have been woozy. That reinforces the decision not to do the charity ride this Sunday.

Did 25.41 miles of laps on the Sirrus Expert. Averaged only 13.7 mph. Hybrids are slower than road bikes. Was struggling for quite a bit of the ride. When I was at about 15 miles, I decided I would go ahead and finish 25+ miles, but just take it even easier than I had been.

Read Jonah 1-2. Brings back painful memories of my having fled from the church and the aftermath.

Off to finish getting ready for bed. Don't know if I will be able to sleep with all the thunder booming.

2017/09/12 17:05 Tuesday

Slept only about nine hours last night, and have been tired all day. Will be in bed by 5:45pm.

Did 25.28 miles of laps on the Roubaix Comp. Averaged only 14.3 mph. Was struggling toward the end. Didn't get any flats. Realized yesterday that the cracks in the pavement have vegetation that is probably a source of goat-heads. Have been avoiding the spots with the vegetation as much as possible.

Will likely miss the church service webcast this coming Sunday. Am thinking I will sign up for a charity ride that is on that day. Am too tired to decide for sure this evening. The route I would do is 32 miles. That distance wouldn't be too hard, except there is a steep climb involved that I don't know if I want to do.

Read Obadiah. Next up is Jonah, which is always poignant to me.

2017/09/11 20:30 Monday

Slept over 15 hours last night.

Was able to ride today. Did 25.35 miles of laps on the Roubaix Comp. Was taking it easy because I had been woozy before the ride. Averaged 14.1 mph.

Busy day. Had to get caught up on some things that I had been putting off. No downtime, and will be getting to bed much later than I wanted to. At least I will be able to sleep in tomorrow.

Finished Amos.

2017/09/10 15:25 Sunday

The livestream of the church services keep being cut off during the closing prayer. Also, the stream cut off for about two minutes today starting at 8:52am, and there were glitches at about 11:05am. The disadvantages of watching webcasts instead of being there in person.... However, I would say the disadvantages are far outweighed by the advantages. I really do not want to attend church. Can't deal with the gender roles and expectations that exist in churches, for one thing. Am thankful to be able to watch webcasts of church services.

I wonder why the police were at the church during the second service.

From my New York Times Weekend Briefing email this morning, regarding the natural disasters: "As one science fiction writer put it, 'These aren't the End Times, but it sure as hell feels like the End Times are getting in a few dress rehearsals right about now.'"

Too tired to ride today. Too tired to do much of anything. Never even got out of my pajamas. Now I am off to bed, even though I have been up for less than seven hours. Just too tired to function.

Read Amos 1-7.

2017/09/09 20:00 Saturday

Made it. Am now on vacation. Busy day again today. Too much work, too little time.

Am going to try to get up early enough tomorrow morning to watch both services. It should be interesting to hear the question and answer sessions.

2017/09/08 21:10 Friday

Busy day at work today. I have one more day to wrap things up before going on vacation. I have a project that I need to get work done on so that I will be able to complete it when I get back.

2017/09/07 21:05 Thursday

Checked the tire that punctured on Tuesday. It is completely flat, so either the tube did indeed have a second puncture that I couldn't find, or there is a sticker in the tire that I couldn't find.

Two more work days. Looking forward to the time off.

2017/09/06 22:00 Wednesday

Just got back from City Hall. It was a planning commission meeting, not a city council meeting. Quite a number of people from the apartment complex and the neighborhood businesses spoke against the bar, and even more people were there who filled out the comment cards in opposition to it. No one other than the applicant was in favor of it. The commission denied the special use permit. The applicant can appeal, though, so we will need to stay on top of matters as they develop.

2017/09/05 19:40 Tuesday

Saw a really obnoxious billboard on the way back from Verdi yesterday. It was an advertisement for a marijuana dispensary that had an image of a cyclist. I suppose that is the place to promote marijuana to cyclists, as it is an area with very heavy bicycle traffic, but it bothered me. I voted against legalization.

Did 25.3 miles of laps today on my older road bike, the Roubaix Comp. Before getting very far into the ride, I ended up with two goat-heads in my front tire. I pulled them out, and was able to ride a few miles. Then I ended up with a flat. I found only one hole in the tube. Before I ride that bike again, I will take the tube out, put some air in it, and put it under water to see if there is a small hole that I missed. Was taking it easy because I woke up very tired today. Averaged only 14.1 mph.

One more work week, and then I will have ten days off.

Will be leaving work early tomorrow to go to a city council meeting. There will be a hearing on a zoning variance to put in a 24-hour bar and nightclub right across the street from the apartment complex. I am very strongly against that.

Finished Joel.

2017/09/04 19:50 Monday

Rode to Verdi today. Did 25.75 miles on the Roubaix Pro. Averaged only 13.8 mph. The wind picked up and there was a headwind on the way back. It was hot, too. The max temperature was 100.4 degrees, and the average was 94.3. Got a late start.

Went to a cycling club board meeting this evening. They take place every first Monday of the month.

Read Joel 1-2.

2017/09/03 20:10 Sunday

There are still intermittent problems with the livestream of the church service. This morning, the livestream went offline during the worship time and didn't start up again until sometime during the pastor's prayer list.

Did 25.18 miles of laps on the Sirrus Expert. Wanted to stay close to home because I felt sick to my stomach toward the end of the webcast. Might have had a touch of salmonella or something. Didn't want to ride the Roubaix Pro, as I was concerned about getting another flat and not being able to find the sticker again. I want to keep that bike in good working order. Didn't have any flats on the Sirrus, thankfully. Maybe they have had a street sweeper over by the lake to clean up some of the goat-heads. Did have the rear fender stay snap in two at the clamp, though, at about six miles into the ride. That is the second time I have had a stay snap. I limped home, slowly in case the stay might get caught in the spokes. I tried duct-taping it, but I could tell that wouldn't hold. I ended up putting the broken stay halfway into the clamp and continuing on my ride.

Finished Hosea. The last chapter was a breath of fresh air.

2017/09/02 19:45 Saturday

Did the club ride. The distance was 31.9 miles. My average speed was only 14.3 mph. I had trouble keeping up, which isn't surprising given my health issues. I was expecting the ride's pace to be slower. Even so, the people who know I have health issues told me I did great. My max speed was 41.0 mph, which was on the hill going down from Eastshore on the way back to Reno.

Read Hosea 5-10.

2017/09/01 21:05 Friday

Tomorrow's club ride might be cancelled due to the air quality. If it is cancelled, I'll just do a ride to Verdi. According to the EPA's site, the air quality is forecasted to be "moderate" tomorrow, so maybe the ride won't be cancelled. I have mixed feelings about doing the club ride, since I am not a social person. I prefer to ride alone. I've been wanting to do the route of tomorrow's ride, though, and since I don't know the route, it would be better to ride it with the club.