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My purpose is to live for Christ alone.

13bForgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
- Philippians 3:13b-14 (NIV)

For beautiful the prize, and great our hope.

2018/05/20 22:35 Sunday

Forgot to post before going to bed. Busy day. Found out that I have to go to Lathrop, CA late tomorrow afternoon to work Tuesday - Thursday, and possibly Friday. Will try to remember to post tomorrow night, but might be so tired that I will forget again.

2018/05/19 20:20 Saturday

Am so exhausted my head is spinning. Need to get ready for bed ASAP.

2018/05/18 19:25 Friday

Did a shift at the expo, and then washed cycling gear and towels. Will have to do more laundry on my weekend. I let it pile up, as usual.

2018/05/17 20:30 Thursday

Will be off work tomorrow to help man the cycling club table at the expo of the outdoor retailer whose anniversary sale starts tomorrow. Could have taken Saturday off after all, because the inventory was moved out to July, but wanted to save the time off day instead of more-or-less wasting it on a day when I didn't have plans.

2018/05/16 20:05 Wednesday

Decided not to ride to work today. The weather was looking too iffy during the time I would have been riding, and besides, exhaustion would have been an issue. As it turned out, it didn't rain during the time I would have been riding, though. I was scheduled to be at work at 10am today because I was going to go to a bicycle commuter breakfast in Midtown, but since I didn't ride, I watched the sermon webcast. Found that I had to watch it in Edge. Chrome and Firefox didn't work on either my Linux box or my Windows 7 one, nor did Internet Explorer 11 work in Win 7 (IE 11 is the latest IE available for Win7). On some browsers, it just gave an error message and went blank, and on others, the webcast hung after a short time and then restarted after the wheel spun for a while. It didn't matter what resolution setting on the livestream I chose. Booted my laptop into Windows 10. Don't recall if I tried Chrome on it, but Edge ran the webcast fine. So, I ordered Windows 10 Pro after the webcast to install on the PC on which I've been running Windows 7. Hopefully the PC will not be too slow with Windows 10. I built it quite a few years ago.

2018/05/15 21:00 Tuesday

Long, busy day. Ran errands on the Diverge Comp this morning. The total distance was 7.31 miles. Then made lunch for tomorrow. After that it was off to the dentist's office for a cleaning. Went ahead and had an impression done for a new night guard while I was there. Then did some chores before the cycling club meeting.

Will get up early enough to ride to work in the morning, but whether or not I do ride will depend on how I feel in the morning and, of course, the weather. One weather app is showing a 70% chance of rain starting at six am, but another is showing only a 7% chance starting at that same time. And right now, I am utterly exhausted, so even if it isn't raining or looking like rain in morning, I might not ride.

2018/05/14 18:25 Monday

Did 21.29 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro before dropping it off at the bike shop. That was as much distance as I had time for. After dropping off the bike, I went by the running store to get some powdered sport drink mix. Am trying a different brand. The one I have been using has maltodextrin as its main ingredient, and I have read that there is evidence that maltodextrin can thin the mucus lining that protects the gut. Maybe maltodextrin is contributing to my GI issues.

After that, I showered before going to the massage therapist. That was stupid. I got smeared with massage oil, and it ended up in my hair that is at ear level and below. Had to shower again.

Picked up the bike, but probably won't have time to ride tomorrow, unless I do a hard one hour workout on the trainer.

2018/05/13 18:40 Sunday

Slept somewhat better last night. Woke up every couple of hours, but most of the time fell back asleep reasonably quickly. Did the club ride, albeit an abbreviated version of it. I rode with a fellow board member who was tired, and so we cut off some distance. We did 23.77 miles. I felt okay during and after the ride, and could have gone further. However, I think the distance was just about right for me, as I don't want to push myself due to the on and off problems sleeping, and the resulting exhaustion.

Will be very busy the next two days. Tomorrow, I have to take the Roubaix Pro in for a checkup / tuneup in the morning, and then will be getting a massage in the afternoon. Have to do something about the neck tension and tension headaches. Never really recovered from the whiplash, and over the last few weeks the tension has been bad. Then, on Tuesday, I have an eye doctor appointment, a dental appointment, and a cycling club meeting. Will try to get up early tomorrow and do a ride before dropping off the bike. Probably won't have time to ride on Tuesday.

Probably won't ride to work on Wednesday after all. Rain is in the forecast for 6pm, which is the time I leave work. I suppose I could ride to work and then have the neighbor pick me up. She volunteered to do that if I ended up being too tired to ride home.

2018/05/12 18:50 Saturday

Slept well for a couple of hours last night, but was restless after that. Realized early this morning that I had forgotten to take magnesium before bed.

Did the ride from the running store to the pizza place for the celebration of Chuck's life. It was drizzling on the way there, and I was riding home during the worst of the rain. Drove back to the pizza place to pick up one of the running store employees who had ridden over. He was going back to work, and didn't want to ride in the rain because he didn't want to be working for hours in wet clothing. As it turned out, though, by the time I got back the rain was stopping.

Not sure if I will do the club ride tomorrow. It will depend on how well I sleep. It will also depend on whether or not the weather forecast changes overnight. If the chance of rain or strong winds during ride time is high, the ride will be cancelled.

2018/05/11 20:20 Friday

Slept well last night. Faded fast into exhaustion today, though. By 2:30 pm, I was wondering how I would make it to six o'clock and then get home. Gave fervent thanks to God when I had the truck parked at the apartment complex.

2018/05/10 21:00 Thursday

Slept well for a couple of hours last night, then woke up with GI discomfort. Was just about to fall back asleep when the phone rang, at 11:32 pm. That irritated me so much that I woke up fully. Then I was restless the rest of the night.

2018/05/09 21:00 Wednesday

Slept much better last night, thankfully.

One work day down, two to go. As to next week, I went ahead and scheduled Friday off.

2018/05/08 18:55 Tuesday

Didn't do a workout today, per se. Did run a couple of errands on the Diverge Comp, for a total of 12.02 miles. Don't know how I will be able to do the TNT ride, the way I have been feeling.

Slept a little better last night, but still didn't get enough sleep.

Will be working only three days this week. Will be taking Saturday off for a public memorial for Chuck. The event will start at the running store and will go to the pizza place. The memorial will be at the pizza place. Most people will be running to there, but some other people and I will be riding.

Next week, I will probably take Friday off. The cycling club has been invited to have a table on the first day of the anniversary sale at an outdoor retailer, and only three of us on the board expressed willingness to man the table. Would like to take that Saturday off also, but can't. One of the departments at work will be doing inventory, and they will need IT support. My coworker doesn't know how to do what will need to be done. I will be training him on it.

Read Luke 10.

2018/05/07 20:45 Monday

Forgot to mention that it was really windy on the way out to Verdi and in Verdi yesterday. On top of the exhaustion, that made the ride nerve-racking for me.

Slept a little better last night, but not much. Slept for a couple of hours a couple of times. Got up at about 2:40 am, because I could not sleep, and turned on the webcast. Then, after a while, started getting too tired and went back to bed. Finished it this morning. The study verse reminded me of Trump's unrighteousness.

There were no glitches in the webcast, although the audio and video were just-ever-so-slightly out of sync.

alpha, beta, gamma...

Rode a couple of errands for a total of 6.96 miles. Wanted to ride to the cycling club board meeting tonight, but was way too tired. I hope I sleep tonight. Am getting to the point at which I cannot function. Will call the doctor tomorrow if I don't sleep. Am thinking it is due to withdrawal from the olanzapine, as I never had trouble sleeping on the abilify before.

2018/05/06 18:40 Sunday

Hardly slept at all last night, but did the Cookie Ride anyway. I did only 21.77 miles. Am thankful I made it safely, as I was really too tired to ride. Then I was thankful that I made it home from the parking area where we started and finished. However, not long after I got home, my sister texted me asking if I would come over and fix a flat on her bike. Thankfully she doesn't live far from me. After I fixed it, we went and got a sandwich for lunch. I put a new tube in the tire after I found the sticker, as I couldn't find the hole in the tube. As it turned out, I had noticed the other day I had one of those tubes, but I don't have a bike anymore that takes one. I took the old tube home to put it under water in the kitchen sink to find the hole and patch it. Couldn't find the hole. It would have been a very slow leak, as the sticker was very small and just poking through a little way through the inside of the tire. Hopefully I got it out, or at least got it so that it won't poke through again. Anyway, after I let the water out of the sink, I realized that the water was leaking out of the garbage disposal under the sink. Groan. There are advantages to living in an apartment. All I have to do is call the office in the morning, and it will be replaced. Off to bed. Don't know what I will do if I don't start getting sleep.

2018/05/05 18:55 Saturday

Made it through the work week. It was sketchy driving home this afternoon, as I am exhausted beyond measure. Am thankful I made it home.

Slept better last night, but because I got to bed late and had to get up even earlier than usual, I didn't get enough sleep.

Have to get up fairly early tomorrow to go do the Cookie Ride. It is an annual ride that meets at Crystal Peak Park for cookies. The group I will be riding with will start at 9:30 am. We will probably get back at about 1:30 pm. Am hoping it won't be too windy.

2018/05/04 21:25 Friday

Slept a little better last night, but since I got to bed late, I didn't get nearly enough sleep. It will be worse tonight. I have to be at work tomorrow at 6 am instead of 7:30 am, since my Saturday coworker who normally starts at 6 am will be off work tomorrow. I will be leaving work at 4:30 pm, which will be nice. A ten-hour shift means I usually work until 6 pm.

Have had a headache since mid-afternoon, but it hasn't been as bad as it was for a while. Progress, I suppose.

2018/05/03 21:15 Thursday

Again last night, I didn't sleep well. It was better than the night before, though. My sleep was light last night, but more restful than the night before. Also, I didn't feel nearly as lousy today as I have been feeling. Had a slight headache part of the day, but it was tolerable, unlike how it has been. I actually thought this morning about going back on the olanzapine until after the TNT ride on June 3rd. Now, thankfully, I don't think that will be necessary.

Made the mistake of starting a Linux upgrade on my laptop too late in the evening. Getting to bed late because of that.

2018/05/02 20:45 Wednesday

Another restless night last night. Another day of a headache starting mid-day. Spoke with the doctor today. We agreed that I would just ride out the withdrawal. The other option would be to take a small dose of olanzapine for a longer time to taper off more slowly. Hopefully it won't take much longer for the symptoms to go away.

One work day down, three to go.

Am hoping to be able to ride to work two days next week, which is the official Bike Week. On Wednesday morning, the Patagonia Outlet in Midtown will be hosting a breakfast for bicycle commuters, and on Friday morning, the Reno Bike Project will be hosting one. If I feel up to riding, I will stop by and have breakfast each day and then head off to work. I have already scheduled myself to show up late to work those two days. If I don't feel up to riding, I'll just drive and go in late.

2018/05/01 19:50 Tuesday

Sleep was still restless last night, but not as bad as it has been.

The nausea wasn't as bad today, but still have had the tension headache, mostly in the afternoon.

Ran errands in the morning, and then rode in the afternoon. Did laps on the Roubaix Pro. Was hoping to make it to 25+ miles, but had to settle for 20.19 miles. As with yesterday, I had to push myself to make it that far, even though I was taking it easy. Averaged only 14.1 mph. Started having slight sinus issues during the ride. Allergies, I suppose, but I cleaned my bike bottles thoroughly after the ride just in case. Really should get some new ones.

2018/04/30 21:00 Monday

Didn't sleep well at all last night. Had trouble falling asleep, and then was restless pretty much all night. So, I'm going to bed later tonight. Wasn't all that tired until a little bit ago, anyway.

Have felt nauseated off and on today. Have had a headache most of the day, too. Am thinking it may be from withdrawal from the olanzapine. Eating small amounts of solid food on a frequent basis helps.

Riding also helped. Did 20.13 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro. My goal was 25+ miles or two hours, whichever came first, but I started feeling light-headed at about 15 miles. Almost stopped then, but decided to push myself to make 20+ miles. Took it especially easy for those last miles. The average speed was 14.2 mph, and the time was less than an hour and a half.

After the laps, I ate and then rode the Diverge Comp to the bike shop. They sold my Sirrus Expert on consignment, and I went over there to pick up the check. Then I went to the ATM machine to deposit it. The distance for that ride was 5.01 miles.

In hindsight, I shouldn't have changed meds so close to the June 3rd TNT ride. I thought I would feel better quickly, but that hasn't happened; indeed, I feel a lot worse.

2018/04/29 17:10 Sunday

Slept well until about 2:30am, but after that my sleep was very restless. That left me too tired to ride today. Might have been too tired to ride anyway, though, the way my health currently is. On top of that, in the afternoon I developed nausea.

No glitches in the webcast today, thankfully. There was a glaring omission in the sermon. When the pastor was speaking of men who "engage in sensual pleasure unrestrained by morality," he did not speak of the dotard. While on that subject, it is exceedingly shameful that many evangelicals support the dotard. The end does not justify the means.

Checked the rear wheel and rim strip on the Diverge Comp this afternoon. That is the wheel I ran over the nail with on the way to the last club meeting. No damage was done, thankfully. I recall seeing a photo of a nail in a club member's wheel from a few years ago. He ran over a nail, and it went right through the rim.

2018/04/28 20:15 Saturday

Slept well last night, but still ran out of steam early in the day. Hopefully the olanzapine will be out of my system soon, and hopefully that will make a difference in my health. My last dose of it was this evening.

2018/04/27 20:45 Friday

My sleep was restless last night, maybe because I finished my coffee late in the day yesterday. Finished it late today, also. I hope I sleep well tonight despite that.

Was swamped at work today. Some days, it is hard to keep up the pace. Hopefully it will be slower tomorrow so I will be able to catch up on some things and work on projects.

2018/04/26 20:20 Thursday

Slept fairly well again last night, but again, have been exhausted all day. Two more nights, after tonight, of half a dose of olanzapine, and then I will be done with it. It might take a while for it to get out of my system, though. I have tried other meds and stopped the olanzapine for a month a few times, and it didn't make a difference. This time, I am going to give it a very long time, at the very least. The more I think about it, the more I think it is the olanzapine that has been at the root of my health problems.

2018/04/25 20:25 Wednesday

Slept better last night, but have still been exhuasted all day. Am hoping that once I am off the olanzapine completely, my health will get better. Have felt lousy since early afternoon. Have had an increasingly bad headache.

2018/04/24 18:35 Tuesday

Had trouble sleeping again last night. At about 9:30pm, I got up and ate dinner. Often, if I don't eat well late in the day, I have trouble sleeping. Also, I was having hunger pangs, so it seemed best to eat. I did sleep better after that.

Will be glad when the week is over. That is when I will be done with the olanzapine and will be on abilify only. I have felt somewhat nauseated at times since I started on both, as well as having been more tired. My ears have been ringing even louder than usual, too. Maybe the nausea is due to taking too much fish oil, though. Not long ago, I increased the amount I was taking. Starting with tomorrow's supplements, I will be lowering the amount.

Rode the Diverge Comp with the trailer to Trader Joe's today. Then I did a short workout ride before going to a haircut appointment. The TJ's round-trip was 4.62 miles. Saw a fellow cycling club member there. The short workout ride was 15.91 miles of laps. Was short on time and on energy, and it was quite windy.

The bike shop sold the Sirrus Expert that I had there on consignment today. That was good news. I have had a lot of expenses this month, and will have a lot the next also. Before long, too, I want to have the timing kit done on my truck. The belt is showing wear, and if it goes bad, it will ruin the engine.

Watched the church service webcast. There were some glitches.

2018/04/23 16:05 Monday

Had trouble falling asleep last night, and then my sleep was restless all night.

Didn't do a workout today. Ran a couple of errands on the Diverge Comp, though. The total distance was only 5.2 miles. I am taking it easy during the medication transition, as I am even more exhausted than I was before and don't want to push myself. One more week of transition....

Started reading "A Higher Loyalty." Have read only the prefatory material and the first chapter, but so far, I like Comey's writing style.

The apartment manager and maintenance guys didn't get to our building for the inspection today. They will start on ours first thing tomorrow morning, which means 9:30am.

Off to finish getting ready for bed. Am hoping I will sleep well tonight.

2018/04/22 20:30 Sunday

The only riding I did today was to and from the Earth Day event. It was a total distance of 7.96 miles. Took the trailer in order to take a camp chair. Hung out at the cycling club table from about noon until about 2:15pm, when the people who had brought the table and other things had to leave. They had a family event to attend. Since I hadn't driven, I couldn't offer to stay and take the table and so forth when the event was over. It was just as well. I was too tired even to walk around and check out the booths. I did get lunch, but didn't stop at any tables or booths.

Getting to bed much later than I had hoped to. Decided to get started on the project of paying the bills, but then went ahead and finished. Had trouble reconciling one of the credit card statements. Turned out that I had recorded an online purchase twice.

Not sure if I will ride tomorrow. Have been even more tired than before since I started taking the abilify. That might actually be a good sign. I have read that combining abilify and olanzapine may result in an intensification of side effects. The doctor has me taking both, although not at full dosage, during the transition to abilify. The increased fatigue could indicate that the fatigue is indeed a side effect of the olanzapine. I have one more week of taking olanzapine, which will be at a reduced dosage.

Am fading very fast. Need to finish getting ready for bed ASAP.

2018/04/21 17:05 Saturday

Helped out with the beginner ride at the season kickoff ride today. Was too tired to do the 33-mile ride, so the guy who was going to help out with the beginner ride did the 33-mile one instead, which was what he really wanted to do. The distance for the beginner ride was only 12.87 miles. Had to provide instruction to one of the riders on how to shift. Then it turned out that her derailleurs weren't working. I was riding sweep, and told the other ride leader to go ahead with the rest of the group, and I would stay back with the woman who had the broken derailleurs and who didn't know how to shift. Her husband was on the ride also, and they swapped bikes. The three of us finally made it back, long after everyone else on that ride was finished. Oh, well.

Slept 14 hours last night, and still had trouble dragging myself out of bed in time for the ride.

Will be helping to man the cycling club booth for a few hours at Earth Day tomorrow. Will watch the webcast on Monday or Tuesday.

Off to finish getting ready for bed. Am exhausted.

2018/04/20 16:15 Friday

Utterly exhausted all day. Got most of the spring cleaning done, though. Just need to clean the bathtub and vacuum before the inspection. Off to finish getting ready for bed before I drop from exhaustion.

2018/04/19 19:40 Thursday

Made it through the work week. Am utterly exhausted, beyond measure. Twice this week, I got up early to make sure I would make it to work on time. Also, two nights, I had trouble falling asleep. Am thankful I have five days off now. Will spend most of the day cleaning tomorrow to get ready for the apartment inspection. They will likely get to my building on Monday afternoon. Saturday, I will be busy with the cycling club season kickoff ride, and Sunday, there will be the webcast and also the cycling club Earth Day table. I said I would help out there, but I might back out. Need to pay bills sometime during my "weekend," also.

2018/04/18 20:15 Wednesday

Two work days down, one to go. Snow is predicted for overnight, so I am going to leave for work early tomorrow. There probably won't be much snow, but who knows? The freeway could have ice on it.

2018/04/17 21:35 Tuesday

Ran over a huge nail while riding to the cycling club meeting. Patched the tube, but the patch didn't hold. It is highly likely that I didn't use enough vulcanizing fluid. I was being careless. Ended up using the spare tube I carry. Still made it to the meeting on time, as I had planned to be there at about 5:30, which is the start of the social / dinner hour. The meetings don't start until 6:30pm. I got there a little before six, I think. Since I wasted time with the unsuccessful patch attempt, it took me longer than usual to fix the flat.

Was at work part of the day so that I would be there for the annual Earth Day event. Worked only six hours, though.

Picked up the abilify today. Will transition to that over the next couple of weeks. Am praying that will work out.

2018/04/16 18:45 Monday

Was in bed for about 13 hours last night, but spent quite a bit of that time half-awake. Then had to get up early for an endocrinologist's appointment. Also went to a psychiatrist's appointment that was in the afternoon. Will stop the olanzapine and start abilify. Hopefully that will be the solution to the exhaustion.

Did a short ride on the Diverge Comp early this afternoon. Right after I started, I had to turn around and go back home to put on more layers. Misjudged the temperature the first time. There were snow flurries off and on during the ride. It was about 40 degrees for most of the ride. I had hoped to do 25+ miles, but wasn't sure that was realistic, as tired as I was. At about ten miles, I decided to quit after 20+ miles. Didn't even make it to that. At less than 17 miles, I decided I was on my last lap. The final distance was 17.69 miles.

I pre-ordered Comey's book a while ago. I have mixed feelings about purchasing it, though. I am still angry at him for handing the election to the dotard, no matter how strongly he now attacks the dotard.

2018/04/15 16:20 Sunday

The webcast was very bad today. There were a lot of times when the spinning wheel appeared. Also, for quite a bit of the time, the audio and video were not in sync, and for quite a bit of the time, the video was black but the audio was fine.

Tomorrow afternoon is the appointment with the psychiatrist, finally. Am looking forward to changing meds. Am very hopeful that doing so will alleviate the exhaustion. I have tried other meds in the hope that it would help, but only for a month each time, and that probably wasn't long enough.

Am utterly exhausted. Lost all steam at about two o'clock, but had to finish taking care of the laundry. It seems wrong to do chores on Sundays, but it had to be done. Have only been up for about eight hours after sleeping about 11 hours, but need to get to bed ASAP.

2018/04/14 19:50 Saturday

Cancelled tomorrow's ride earlier today. There is a wind advisory applicable to the ride time. If I wake up early enough, I will do a ride before the webcast and before the wind kicks up.

2018/04/13 21:25 Friday

Three work days down, one to go. Then I have just two days off instead of three, because I will be shifting my schedule to be able to attend the Earth Day event at work on Tuesday. I will work only six hours that day, though, as there is a cycling club meeting that evening. Then I will work Wednesday and Thursday, and will be off Friday and Saturday. The club's season kickoff ride will be on Saturday. Then I will be helping out at the club's Earth Day booth for a while on Sunday. No rest for the weary.

I am scheduled to lead the club ride this Sunday, as most of the club board will be out of town doing a multi-day ride. However, it is likely that I will be cancelling the ride due to wind. Am hoping that ends up being the case. Right now, the wind speed is predicted to be higher than the 15 mph limit for the club ride.

2018/04/12 20:30 Thursday

Didn't have any trouble getting to work, but then, it seems they had treated the freeway before I hit the worst spot. The 395 northbound had been closed at Golden Valley for a while early this morning before I was on it due to a lot of spinouts and crashes. When I was driving through that area at about 6:15am, though, there was a truck a ways in front of me, and its tires were kicking up a lot of fluid. It wasn't warm enough for the ice to have melted on its own. The parking lot at work was a sheet of ice.

At work this morning, I helped some people in another of our centers fix a problem. Got kudos for that. I get asked quite a bit for help, both in Reno and by people in other centers.

2018/04/11 20:45 Wednesday

Getting to bed much later than I had intended. Realized after I got home that I had forgotten to read the news while at work. Will need to leave for work early tomorrow, also, as snow is in the forecast for the Stead area, and I want to leave in plenty of time just in case. Am so tired now that my head is spinning.

2018/04/10 19:05 Tuesday

Realized yesterday after posting herein that my mileage for the errands was 9.42 miles, not 7.42 miles.

Did 26.5 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro. Almost didn't ride, as I was in a hurry due to plans to take pizza to some friends' house early this afternoon. Decided to go ahead and ride, though. Then, when I headed out the door, I found that it was windier than I had thought. Headed back inside and was going to ride the trainer instead. Changed my mind again and went back outside. Am glad I decided to ride outdoors. It was windy, but still better than riding the trainer or not riding at all. Rode for as long as I had time to, and pushed myself fairly hard.

Gave heartfelt thanks to God today that the snow is over for the season. Then I checked the weather report. I might run into snow on the way to work on Thursday morning, and there is a fairly high chance of snow in Reno on Monday morning.

2018/04/09 20:00 Monday

Ran errands on the Diverge Comp this morning, then did a workout ride on it. The distance for the errands was 7.42 miles, and the workout was 25.57 miles of laps. Was really tired after the errands, and almost didn't do a workout. After eating lunch, I felt better, though, so I went ahead and did the ride.

Did some more apartment cleaning after the ride. Little by little, am making progress.

Had more energy after doing the ride, but now am about to collapse.

2018/04/08 16:55 Sunday

No glitches in the webcast again today, thankfully. Much to my dismay, though, the webcast was cut off during the closing prayer again.

Got some cleaning done today. Still have quite a bit more to go.

Exhausted. Need to get ready for bed.

2018/04/07 19:25 Saturday

Made it through the work week. The annual apartment inspections are coming up starting on the 23rd, so much of my weekend will have to be spent cleaning, much to my dismay.

2018/04/06 20:10 Friday

The work day went by quickly. I was busy all day, but not too busy.

Updated my iPhone's iOS this evening. It seems to run faster now, but will have to use it more to determine whether or not that is an accurate assessment.

2018/04/05 20:25 Thursday

Am having to shift my schedule tomorrow and Saturday. The guy with the same work days as I have will be off work, so I will have to work his schedule. I will be working 6am-4:30pm instead of 7:30am-6pm. There won't be IT coverage from 4:30-6pm. Wanted to get to bed earlier tonight, but it didn't happen. Not enough time to get everything done.

2018/04/04 19:55 Wednesday

Wasn't in quite as bad of a mood today. Still fed up with being exhausted, though. Am hoping that the change in meds will help. I looked up the side effects of the one I am on now, and noticed other side effects that could explain other health problems I have been having.

2018/04/03 20:35 Tuesday

Have been depressed and fed up with life today. Am fed up with being exhausted. Just don't have the energy to cope with the demands of life. Was too tired to do a workout again today, and didn't have time anyway.

My plan was to take the BoB trailer to SaveMart and then to Costco first thing today, and then do a workout. However, when I went to pump up the tire on the trailer, I noticed it was low. Then, when I did pump it up, I found that the valve stem had gone bad. Rode to the bike shop to get a new tube, and that took forever because Amy was the only one there and I ended up helping her with some customers. Then I went and got burritos for us, because she needed to eat. When I finally got home, I installed the tube and went to the two stores. Was really too tired to ride to the stores, but I was stubborn. The total mileage was 12.6 miles.

On top of everything, the exhaustion is making the ringing in my ears really loud and irritating. It is worse when I am more tired.

2018/04/02 20:30 Monday

Too tired to do a workout today. Laid down to rest for an hour and 15 minutes before the cycling club board meeting, and then rode the Diverge Comp to it. The round-trip was 7.35 miles.

2018/04/01 20:25 Sunday

No glitches in the webcast today, and the webcast was not cut off until after the pastor said "amen." Thankful for that.

Had Easter dinner at my sister's. My sister, one of her sons (the other lives in Portland), her granddaughter (maybe three or four years old), and her step-grandson (six years old) were there for dinner. The wife of my late ex-brother-in-law was there before dinner, but she had other plans for dinner, so she left before we sat down to eat.

Did a ride between the webcast and the family gathering. Did 25.42 miles of laps on the Roubaix Pro. That really is an awesome bike. The temperature was nice, but it got quite windy before I finished. It was good to do a ride.

Need to get up early tomorrow and take the truck in to get it checked. It might be leaking. I noticed oil on my reserved parking spot at work. I have only had that spot for about a month, and the oil looked old, but I don't want to take a chance. It should be checked out for the upcoming summer anyway, as it has been a while since it has been serviced because I don't drive it that often.