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My purpose is to live for Christ alone.

13bForgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
- Philippians 3:13b-14 (NIV)

For beautiful the prize, and great our hope.

2015/05/25 17:50 Monday

Today is my 55th birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Had an even better ride today than yesterday. Did 30.63 miles of laps around the park on the commuter bike. Averaged 15.3 mph. Was pushing myself somewhat hard. Actually got the average up to 15.4 mph on the last lap, but it dropped back down to 15.3 before I finished. That average speed isn't fast for a road bike, but for a hybrid in the circumstances presented by riding laps around the park (pedestrians crossing the street, slow-moving traffic, and stop signs) it isn't bad. Was thankful that I didn't get rained on during the ride. It was looking like a storm was coming over the hill during the latter part of the ride, and I wasn't sure if I would be able to finish before the rain started. It started just as I was pulling up to the apartment. It didn't rain hard or long, though, so even if I had gotten rained on, it wouldn't have been bad.

Days off from work pass too fast. Of course, if I didn't sleep 12 - 14 hours a night on days off, there would be more hours in the day.

Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/05/24 18:45 Sunday

Had a good ride today. Did 30.71 miles of laps around the park on the commuter bike. Averaged 14.9 mph despite stopping for a lot of pedestrians and getting caught behind slow-moving traffic at times. Felt a little light-headed after a while of riding, but kept up the pace anyway.

One thing I try to remember to pray about while riding is to give thanks for the people who have the courage to risk their lives to defend the freedoms we have in this country.

Paid bills this morning. Am making some progress on paying down the credit cards, despite medical bills.

Haven't felt all that tired today, but am fading now. Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/05/23 19:40 Saturday

My weekend is here, thankfully. The work week went by fast. This morning started off busy. Had two incidents to take care of before I even got clocked in. People stopped me on my way in to my office. After a while, though, it got slow and I was able to take care of some things that were complex and that had been piling up on my plate during the week. I also finished figuring out something that has been plaguing me for quite some time. I was very thankful for that.

Am off to get ready for bed. Too tired to function.

2015/05/22 18:10 Friday

Have overslept considerably the last two days. Am thankful that I woke up in time to get to work without being late.

Went by Costco after work. It was packed. I thought it would be, but if I didn't go today, I would have had to go Sunday, and Sundays are supposed to be days of rest, worship, and cycling. Anyway, they don't open until 10am on Sundays, so I wouldn't have time to go before the church service, and by the time the church service is over and I have finished my ride, it is just about time for bed. Besides, Costco will be closed on Monday, which would mean that it would likely be packed on Sunday, too.

Am exhausted beyond measure. Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/05/21 19:20 Thursday

Was really busy at work today. Had to juggle too many things at once. At least two work days are down for the week. Turns out I will be working the later shift this Saturday. Rats.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/05/20 17:40 Wednesday

Was in bed by 5:50pm last night, but wasn't able to get to sleep for a couple of hours. The landscape crew was using leaf-blowers until after 7pm, and then I had trouble falling asleep even after that.

Might have to work the 7am - 5:30pm shift this Saturday. My Saturday co-worker is probably going to take the day off. I don't like that shift, as it is hard on me to work that late.

Am off to get ready for bed. Am exhausted.

2015/05/19 17:05 Tuesday

Dropped my truck off at Costco for a tire rotation and balance before my ride today. Rode to the park from there, did my ride, and rode back. The total mileage was 32.10 miles, and the average speed was 14.1 mph. Didn't get stuck behind slow-moving traffic very often, but it was a bit windy.

There is a cycling club meeting this evening, but I'm not going. Have been tired all day, and will be going to bed by the time the meeting starts. Am not interested in social events anyway.

Will be off work the first week in June. Will also be off May 30th, which will be my day off for the Memorial Day holiday. I won't be going anywhere, as I don't want to go further in debt, but it will be good to have time off from work.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/05/18 18:20 Monday

Had the annual eye exam today at 2pm, so I rode in the morning. Did 30.57 miles of laps around the park on the commuter bike. Was prepared for rain, but there wasn't any precipitation. Averaged only 13.6 mph. Was taking it easy, and besides, got stuck behind slow-moving traffic at times. Went ahead and rode to the eye doctor's also, even though the forecast said 43% chance of rain. Didn't look as though it would rain, and it didn't. The round-trip to the eye doctor's was only 1.97 miles, so even if I had gotten caught in rain going to or from, it wouldn't have been a big deal.

Am fading. Off to get ready for bed.

2015/05/17 17:25 Sunday

The electric guitar in today's worship time grated on my nerves. Also, the sound output was very low on the pulpit mike and the pastor's mike, so I had to have the volume on my computer turned up all the way. Enough complaining; I am thankful to be able to watch church services online.

Got rained on during my ride today, and ended up cutting the ride short after riding a few miles in the rain. The total mileage was only 19.01 miles. The average was only 13.3 mph, in part because I was taking it easy before the rain started, and in part because I slowed way down after it started. It was good that I did stop, as the temperature was dropping, and after I stopped, I was chilled. Took a long, hot shower, and finally got warm.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed. Slept until a little after nine o'clock this morning, so have been out of bed only a little more than eight hours, but am tired.

2015/05/16 18:40 Saturday

The power up went well. The BCP was good. However, I had to coach my boss on some things, and it turned out that he had dropped the ball when preparing in that he didn't get a contact number for one of the groups that needed to be on a conference call, and apparently didn't even get confirmation from them that they would be on the call. He had to have the on-call person paged.

By the time 5:30pm rolled around and it was time for me to clock out, I was so exhausted that my functioning was impaired even though it was a ten-hour day and I was able to sleep two hours later than usual on a workday. That doesn't bode well for the 12-hour days that are upcoming. It was a tad nerve-wracking driving home, especially since the 395 southbound has detours on the freeway itself.

Am off to get ready for bed before I drop.

2015/05/15 19:05 Friday

The power down is done. Had a couple of snags, but not due to the BCP, thankfully. Hopefully the power up will go smoothly.

Am off to get ready for bed. Am very tired.

2015/05/14 18:45 Thursday

Two work days down, two to go. Hopefully all will go well during the power down tomorrow and the power up on Saturday. I think I have the BCP ready; at least, it is as ready as it is going to get. Will be working from roughly 7am - 5:30pm both days instead of the normal 5am - 3:30pm. Wouldn't be surprised if we work later than 5:30pm on Friday and leave earlier than that on Saturday.

Finally called Matt today. Met him at the park after work and gave him the fuel samples and the other things. He was thankful. Hopefully he will find the booklet about fueling during exercise useful.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed. Will get to sleep in a little tomorrow, but 5:30am will still come too early for me.

2015/05/13 17:25 Wednesday

As always on a work day, it was very hard to drag myself out of bed this morning. It will only get harder when we go to 12-hour days.

Didn't call Matt today. Was going to call him at lunchtime, but that didn't happen. I told someone I would go to lunch and then do a software install for him right afterward, but then I got sidetracked by something else before going to lunch. That meant cutting my lunch break short, and then someone sat down with me and talked at me during what time I had left. He did that despite my paying almost as much attention to my iPhone as to him. Thought about calling Matt after lunch, but decided I was too tired to deal with it. Maybe tomorrow.

Am off to get ready for bed. Am utterly exhausted.

2015/05/12 18:05 Tuesday

Had trouble dragging myself out of bed this morning. Had time for only one cup of coffee instead of the two cups I normally have on my days off.

When I looked out the window this morning, I could see I wouldn't be riding outdoors today. The wind was already blowing hard. Did 25 miles on the trainer after the dental appointment. Averaged only 16.2 mph. I am thankful to be able to listen to sermons while riding.

Haven't called Matt yet to arrange to give him the fuel samples. Figure I'll call him from work tomorrow and meet him at the park after work, if that works for him.

Unfortunately, my weekend is over. It went by way too fast.

Am off to bed.

2015/05/11 17:30 Monday

Dragged myself out of bed this morning in time to ride to the eye doctor's office, only to find that someone was supposed to have called to reschedule my appointment because the doctor had to be off today. Rats. Then I rode to the bike shop to get a water bottle. After that, I did my laps around the park. The mileage for the laps was 30.67 today, and the average speed was an exceedingly slow 12.9 mph. It was very windy. By 20 miles or so, I had doubts as to whether or not I would even be able to finish the 30+ miles. The total mileage for today was 37.93 miles.

The reason I went to the bike shop for a bottle is that I am going to give it to Matt along with the fuel samples that I had decided before not to give him. Yesterday, he was trying to do a 40-mile ride on nothing but water, and as far as I could tell, he was trying to do it on a single 18-oz. bottle. I have texted him, but I don't know if his phone has texting capabilities. If I don't hear from him by tomorrow afternoon, I'll call him.

Am off to get ready for bed. Tomorrow morning's dental appointment is at 9:40am, and I would like to have a leisurely breakfast and coffee beforehand, so I am going to try to drag myself out of bed by about 7am.

2015/05/10 19:00 Sunday

Friday afternoon, I was talking to the vendor tech who works on the production printers at work, and he asked me how I like working ten-hour shifts. I told him it was hard on me because I have problems with fatigue that have been getting worse and worse over the years, but no doctor has been able to figure out what is wrong. He told me his wife went through something similar, and she was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I have researched MS online, and it is quite possible that I have primary progressive MS. The one thing that doesn't make sense at first thought is that my legs are often unsteady when walking, leading to staggering, but when riding, I don't have balance issues. However, when I am having difficulty walking, either I don't ride or I ride the trainer. When I ride the trainer under those circumstances, I do have balance issues; I have to hold onto the handlebars at all times.

Before and after the church service, I laid down to rest for a while. After the service, I did 30.70 miles of laps around the park. Averaged only 13.9 mph, but going so slow didn't bother me. I just wanted to put in the miles and have the time alone with God. The guy I mentioned who also does laps around the park, Matt, was riding there today. When I first got to the park, he was stopped to rest, and as I passed, I greeted him. He asked if I had gotten his message. I stopped, and apologized for not calling him back. I gave the reason that I don't like talking on the phone, and am not at all social. He took it well enough, but then asked me if I would like to ride to Verdi with him one of these days. I told him that I don't like to ride with people, and that because of health issues, I stay close to home and just ride around the park. He took that well enough also, and we went on our separate ways. I ride clockwise, and he rides counter-clockwise. Then, when I was at 21.7 miles, he was stopped to rest and asked me for water as I passed. I gave him some of my Heed drink (I've switched from Cytomax drink mix to Hammer Nutrition Heed) and told him where there was a drinking fountain. He replied he knew that. I guess he just wanted to have more interaction with me.

Am not as tired this evening as I was this morning and early afternoon. I don't know why, but sometimes I have more energy after riding. Am going to finish getting ready for bed now, though, as I can't sleep in tomorrow because of the eye doctor appointment.

2015/05/09 17:10 Saturday

The work week went by fast. Am thankful it is now my weekend. Won't have as much time to relax as I would like, though. Have an annual eye exam on Monday, and the dentist will be putting in the permanent crown on Tuesday. On Sunday, I will be watching the church service, even though I can tell from the SLG that I will have no interest in the sermon.

Have been reading in Exodus. Some of it confuses me. For example, in Chapter 4, the LORD sends Moses back to Egypt, but in v.24, it says that when he was on the way, the LORD met him and sought to put him to death.

Am exhausted. Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/05/08 17:25 Friday

Wasn't quite as busy at work today as the last two days. Had a little time to relax at moments during the day. Had to stay about 15 minutes late, as a vendor was working on a production printer and didn't finish by 3:30pm.

Am off to get ready for bed. Am exhausted.

2015/05/07 18:50 Thursday

Another work day down. Was very busy again today. At least it makes the day go by faster.

Am thankful that the weather was warm on my days off. It is supposed to warm up again some for my next days off, but it might rain. We need the moisture, but I hope the weather doesn't interfere with my riding.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/05/06 18:00 Wednesday

The workday went by fast today. Was busy nonstop. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel on something that has been on my plate for quite a while.

One of my headlights was out this morning, so I stopped to get it replaced after work. Could have gone by a parts store and done it myself, but didn't want to. Used to be into doing things like that, but not anymore. Am too easily frustrated.

My boss said today that we will start 12-hour shifts sometime in August. I asked him if it would be permanent, or if it would last just through our peak season, but he didn't answer the question. We will work three days one week and four the next. If my health doesn't get better, I will have to try to find a different job. Fat chance of that, though, with a felony to my name. Maybe I'll get lucky and die in a single-car accident on the way home from work because of being too tired after a 12-hour shift to drive safely.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/05/05 19:05 Tuesday

Did laundry this morning, then did 30.72 miles of laps around the park on the commuter bike. Was tired, and the average speed reflected that. Averaged only 13.9 mph. Another day of just wanting to put in the miles and the time alone with God.

After the ride, I had a protein smoothie, and then got back on the bike and rode to Costco to pick up a prescription and some printer cartridges.

Back to work tomorrow, much to my dismay. I am thankful to have a job, but that doesn't mean I like to work.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/05/04 16:45 Monday

Looked back at my posts regarding the doctor I was thinking about going back to, and have serious doubts about the wisdom of going back to him. I recall now that he wanted to prescribe an amphetamine instead of trying harder to discover what was causing the fatigue.

Had the annual gynecology exam this morning. I loathe being female. At least the doctor's office is close by, so I was able to ride the commuter bike there.

After the doctor's appointment, I did 30.70 miles of laps around the park on the commuter bike. Averaged 14.4 mph. Was taking it easy for the first 20 miles or so, but then picked up the pace. Was a little woozy before the ride, so my intent was just to put in the miles and the time alone with God. Started feeling better after getting on the bike, though, as is often the case.

Have a cycling club board meeting this evening. Don't know why I stay on the board. Don't like riding with anyone, and am not at all social. Guess I just don't want to cut all social ties, for some unknown reason.

2015/05/03 19:45 Sunday

Was relieved that the reason there was no sermon listening guide was that there was a guest preacher. When I saw late last week that there was no SLG, I was concerned that maybe the pastor had a relapse.

Might go back to a doctor I went to a few years ago. I was offended that he suggested I try counseling, but perhaps I should have been more open to the suggestion. If I do go back, it might not be until next year when I have my annual physical. Am still thinking about it. Need to prayerfully contemplate it.

After the sermon, I did 30.70 miles of laps around the park on the commuter bike. Went faster than yesterday, but was taking it easy. Averaged 14.1 mph. Again today, I just wanted to get in the miles and the time alone with God. I also had some time alone with God after the ride; after having a protein smoothie I laid down to rest for a while and engaged in prayer. One topic of prayerful contemplation was my stone heart. The word "love" still makes me cringe. I don't even want a tender heart. Don't want to be vulnerable.

There have been beautiful clouds in the sky during my rides the last two afternoons. I give thanks to God for those beautiful sights.

It is way past my bedtime. Need to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/05/02 19:05 Saturday

Set the alarm to go off at 5:15am this morning. Hit snooze without really realizing it until 6:30am. So much for getting up early enough to have a leisurely breakfast with a couple of cups of coffee.

There was a barbecue after the KTMB event for participants. SaveMart supplied the food. Had a burger. It was very good.

After the barbecue, I did a ride. Did 30.70 miles of laps around the park on the commuter bike. Averaged only 13.2 mph. Really struggled, but that was okay. Just wanted to get in the miles and the time alone with God. Was tired from not having enough sleep and from the work we did cleaning up. We were in Sun Valley in an OHV park. There is a woman at work who is an activist of sorts in Sun Valley, and to help her out we always go somewhere in Sun Valley for the KTMB Community Cleanup. In addition to being tired, I was fighting the wind. It started picking up about the time I started to ride, and it was quite bad by the time I finished.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed. It is late, at least for me.

2015/05/01 20:30 Friday

The time has gotten away from me this evening. Went by Costco for gasoline and groceries after work. Skimmed email and the news. Showered. Somehow, it got late without my realizing that time was passing so fast.

Tomorrow is the KTMB event. Can't sleep in much, as I have to be onsite no later than 7:30am to help sign in the volunteers.

My birthday is this month. The downstairs neighbor wants to take me to Squeeze In to celebrate my birthday. I was noncommittal. I really don't want to go, because I dread the thought of being stuck dealing with her (or anyone else, for that matter) long enough to drive over there and to have a meal.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed. It is way past my bedtime, and I am feeling it.

2015/04/30 19:10 Thursday

Got home late, as my ENT appointment was at 3:45pm (I left work early for it), but didn't get seen by her until 4:30pm. She again cauterized the area in my left nostril that keeps scabbing up, but said she has done about all she can short of surgery. However, she also said to try another round of antibiotic ointment treatment and to use the nasal spray Alkalol more frequently. We agreed that if that doesn't work, I'll just live with it.

Was busy all day at work again today. Got a little done on the BCP, though, which takes a little pressure off.

Found out today that Tim Tebow landed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Was glad to hear that.

Am bushed. Off to get ready for bed.

2015/04/29 18:35 Wednesday

Two work days down, two to go. Was on the go all day long at work. Really need to get some work done on the BCP, but just haven't had time. Because we have added a lot of servers of different types, I need to compare our BCP with a center's that has similar equipment so that I will be able to make sure I didn't miss anything. The scheduled power outage is coming up on May 15th, and that is cutting it close given that I have so little time to work on it.

Am off to get ready for bed. Am tired.

2015/04/28 19:20 Tuesday

Maybe I was expending more effort on yesterday's ride than I realized. My calf muscles have been tight today.

Am not going to text the newbie cyclist and offer him samples of cycling fuels after all. Am concerned that if I did that for him, he would be confused, because it could send a mixed message. If he didn't have developmental disabilities of some sort, he might be able to accept the samples without thinking it showed interest in having a relationship. I hope someone gives him advice about fueling, but I don't want the burden of interacting with him more than just saying hello as we pass while riding. Am just too much of a loner.

It is past my bedtime. Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/04/27 18:10 Monday

Misspelled "leaching" yesterday. Oh, well.

The dentist had trouble getting the old crown off, but he finally managed to. I haven't been chewing on that side of my mouth, but the tooth is throbbing. Took an ibuprofen just now.

Did some Bible reading today. Am still in Genesis. Am still dumbfounded at what the Bible reports that people did.

Did 30.67 miles of laps around the lake on the commuter bike. The wind was stiff, and that really slowed me down. Averaged only 13.6 mph. Wasn't pushing myself, though; all I really cared about was finishing.

This week will be busy for me. After work tomorrow, I have to go to the dental lab so they will be able to match the shading on the new crown to my teeth. After work Wednesday, I have a haircut appointment. After work Thursday, I have an ENT appointment. Will be off work Saturday, but will be participating in the KTMB Community Cleanup. Next Monday, I have a doctor's appointment. Not much time to relax in the next seven days.

Have had my chamomile tea, and now am going to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/04/26 19:20 Sunday

Slept about 14 hours last night. There just aren't enough hours in the day to sleep that much.

Did 30.68 miles of laps around the park on the commuter bike. Struggled. Was woozy for the last ten miles or so of the ride, but not as woozy as I was on the trainer yesterday. Averaged only 13.8 mph, in part because I didn't have much energy, and in part due to conditions such as moderate wind, slow-moving traffic, and pedestrians.

Have a dentist's appointment tomorrow for the crown prep. As noted before, I will be having the gold alloy crown replaced in case it is leaching copper.

Paid bills today. I pay over $425 for a 90-day supply of the bipolar medication I take. Before Obamacare, I paid only $200 for a 90-day supply. So much for the Affordable Care Act.

Am thankful to be able to watch sermons online.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed. It is past my bedtime.

2015/04/25 18:40 Saturday

Have had a very busy day. Had to take care of some incidents (trouble calls) and user setups early on at work. After that, I made some progress on the BCP before leaving at 11am. On the way home, I stopped by Costco for gas and groceries. Then I washed a load of towels. Had wanted to ride outdoors, but between the wind and the sporadic rain, and the fact that I will have a short weekend this week, I decided to get the shopping done and the towels washed today instead of riding outdoors. I did do a trainer ride, but didn't feel up to snuff. Did only 20 miles and averaged only 15.4 mph. Really struggled, but after finishing, I felt better and felt good about having done at least something of a workout.

This coming week, I will be working Tuesday - Friday instead of Wednesday - Saturday. The reason is that some of us on the Green Team at work will be participating in the KTMB Community Cleanup on Saturday. My boss allows me to adjust my schedule for Green Team events.

I haven't yet decided whether or not to text the newbie cyclist I have mentioned, nor if I should give him samples of what I use for fueling. As I have mentioned, he has developmental disabilities of some sort, and that makes me uncomfortable, especially given that he wants to ask me out even though I told him I am not at all social and don't date.

It is getting late, at least for me. Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/04/24 19:40 Friday

Was very busy at work all day, but managed to catch up a little instead of getting buried deeper. Had some bad news, though. There is a guy who has worked for the company as a temp on and off for a long time whom I met when I used to ride the bus to and from work. He has vision problems, so he can't drive, and he rides the bus at times. He got hit by a car when he was walking the other day. He has a broken shoulder, a broken rib, and some cracked ribs. He is in the hospital. I picked up a get well card for him and mailed it right after work.

There is a postal contractor close to where I live, and I walked over there to mail the card. On the way back, I stopped at Eclipse Running and picked up a few single-serve packets of Hammer Gel. The guy I wrote of earlier who rides around the park has no clue about fueling while riding, so I am thinking about giving them to him along with a few servings of Cytomax and Hammer Heed. Also, I have a booklet from Hammer that explains fueling, and if I give him the gels and drink mixes, I will give him the booklet, too. If I decide to do so, I will text him tomorrow and see about meeting him at the park at some point. I want to think it over first, as it could be a mistake.

It is way past my bedtime. Had better get ready for bed asap.

2015/04/23 18:20 Thursday

Was swamped at work today. Am getting frustrated with the workload.

Didn't get around to texting the cyclist. Was planning on doing so at lunch, but was too tired to deal with it. Am too tired now. Maybe I'll do so tomorrow, or maybe not.

Am thoroughly exhausted. Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/04/22 19:10 Wednesday

Hope kitty survived the apartment inspection. I was at work when they were here, but I know they test the smoke alarms, and their doing so probably traumatized her. Having strangers invade her territory would be bad enough, but the loud noise would be even worse.

The guy with whom I spoke the other day while riding around the park called me this evening. It was stupid of me to give him my phone number when he asked. I didn't answer, and he left voicemail. He said he wanted to ask me out but wouldn't because I told him I don't date. He said that twice. He also said he was feeling down and hoped to hear from me. I'll text him tomorrow and tell him again that I am not social. I will tell him the truth, that is, that human interaction is exceedingly difficult for me to deal with, and working forty hours a week involves about all I can take. I feel a little sorry for him, but not enough to interact with him more than just waving as we pass going opposite directions while riding around the lake. I did pray for him after he left the voicemail.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed. It is past my bedtime.

2015/04/21 17:05 Tuesday

Drove to work this morning instead of riding. Have been woozy all day. Am glad I didn't ride to and from work, as it was very windy as I was driving home.

Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/04/20 18:20 Monday

Took off on the commuter bike this morning to run errands. Needed to pick up some vitamins, have a couple of watch batteries changed, and run by the grocery store to try another brand of cat food for my finicky kitty. I thought the errands would be quick, but I had to go to three different watch places before I could get both batteries changed. On the way to the grocery store, I saw that Eastshore was closed to through traffic, so I knew that riding laps was out. Was very tired, so I didn't want to take out the road bike and get too far from home. Rode the trainer instead. Did 25 miles at a very slow average speed of 15.5 mph. Started feeling woozy at about halfway through, but really wanted to finish the 25 miles, so I stuck it out. I am glad I was able to finish. I'm stubborn. I'd like to think I'm macho, but that might be pushing it.

Might ride to and from work tomorrow. Don't have to be there until 10am. In the morning, I'll check the weather report for the wind forecast. Right now, accuweather is predicting calm winds, but then, right now, they are reporting wind speeds and gusts of only six miles per hour, although the wind is howling outside my apartment.

Am bushed. Off to finish getting ready for bed. Would have gone to bed earlier, but as I was winding down and thinking it was time to get ready for bed, it suddenly occurred to me that I still needed to shower.

2015/04/19 19:35 Sunday

Something the pastor said in today's sermon made me thankful. He spoke of when a pastor buddy of his came to see him and prayed over him when he was in a very bad storm. I am glad he had that prayerful encouragement in the storm.

Had a good ride today. Did 30.65 miles of laps around the park on the commuter bike. Averaged 15.1 mph. Had an uncomfortable moment, though. There is a guy I have sometimes seen riding around the park, and he was there today. From the first time I had seen him, I had thought he seemed to have some developmental challenges, and my interaction with him today reinforced that belief. At one point today, he was stopped by the side of the road, bent over, and I stopped to make sure he was okay. He told me his friends wanted him to do a 100-mile ride (America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride, a ride around Lake Tahoe with a spur to Truckee and back), but he didn't think he could do it. Anyway, he saw my Logos Bible Software jersey and asked if I went to church. I told him I used to, but now I just watch sermons online. He invited me to his church. That wasn't the uncomfortable moment, though. Later on, I was stopped while refueling with Hammer Gel, and he stopped to talk. He asked me out. I declined by telling him I am not a social person and I don't go out. I was glad I had told him earlier that I no longer go to church, as then I was able to say that I don't even go to church because I am not social. He took it fairly well.

It was strange that I had a good ride today, as I was very tired before the ride. Slept about 13 hours last night, and then was so tired by the time the sermon was over that I ended up laying down to rest for about an hour before dragging myself out of bed and getting ready to ride.

It is past my bedtime, so I should get ready for bed now. Am just now starting to feel quite tired. Had more energy than usual after the ride.

2015/04/18 16:55 Saturday

Am looking forward to two days off and to the sermon tomorrow. Almost wish I hadn't committed to working the company Earth Day event on Tuesday. At least I'll get to leave work at 11am next Saturday because of working four hours on Tuesday.

Am exhausted beyond measure. Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/04/17 17:55 Friday

Did some cleaning today. Didn't make much progress regarding the clutter, but other than that, the apartment is almost ready. In the past, they have looked mainly for things like dirty stoves and so forth in addition to maintenance issues such as leaky faucets. However, the previous manager retired last week. Hopefully the new manager won't mind the clutter.

Yesterday, in our IT morning meeting, the subject of the possibility of 12-hour workdays was raised by my boss again. I reiterated that I don't want to work 12-hour days, and told him that I had trouble making it home safely when we worked 12-hour days during our last peak season. I could tell it went in one ear and out the other. I also made it a point to say that if we do end up changing our schedules, I still won't want to work Sundays. As is often the case, though, he wasn't really paying attention.

Have had my chamomile tea, and now am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/04/16 17:45 Thursday

The annual apartment inspection will take place this Wednesday. Will be taking the day off from work tomorrow to do some more cleaning. Don't want to deal with it on my weekend, especially since I will be working four hours on Tuesday. I will be going in to help out with the company's Earth Day event. I will then work only six hours the following Saturday.

Forgot the chamomile tea again this evening. Oh, well. I don't think forgetting it last night affected me.

Time to get ready for bed.

2015/04/15 18:15 Wednesday

One work day down. Am exhausted. Forgot to brew chamomile tea to help me drift off to sleep, but that probably won't matter.

Stopped for gas after work, and drove by Virginia Lake on the way home. Saw a large white bird that I think was a type of duck in the road on Lakeside by the park. It had been hit by a car. It might still have been alive. It made me very sad. I called Animal Control as soon as I got home. They already had someone on the way. I put the Animal Control number in my phone so I will be able to call right away if I ever see something like that again.

Am off to get ready for bed before I drop.

2015/04/14 18:35 Tuesday

I am infuriated. Spent hours on the phone with Apple Support today, and while one of the techs was in a remote session on my PC, he had me do something that deleted 210 sermons that I don't think I can recover. They were sermons from the old RSS feed. I had been thinking lately that I should back up my Win7 box, but hadn't done it yet. Too bad I can't contact the church to get the sermons copied onto a flash drive.

After the debacle with Apple, I did 25 miles on the trainer. It was too windy all day to ride outdoors, and besides, by the time I was done with Apple it was late in the afternoon. Almost didn't even ride the trainer because it was so late, but was hoping a workout would put me in a better mood. It helped a little, but not all that much. Averaged 16.9 mph, which isn't all that good given that I was pushing myself.

It is my bedtime, but I am still wound up over losing the sermons, so I don't think I'll be able to sleep any time soon. Will try anyway.

2015/04/13 18:30 Monday

Woke up fairly early; slept only about 11 hours. Drank coffee and ate breakfast, then did a trip to the grocery store on the commuter bike for a few items. After that, I did 30.66 miles of laps around the lake. Averaged 14.5 mph. For the first 22 miles or so, there was hardly any wind. Then it came up very suddenly. One lap, it was calm, but then the next, I was being buffeted about. Had to push myself to keep the average at 14.5 mph. Was glad I didn't start the ride any later than I did.

Did five loads of laundry after the ride. What a pain in the neck.

Read some more in Genesis. I don't understand why God blessed deceitful people.

Am fading fast. Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/04/12 18:20 Sunday

Slept about 14 hours last night. Was still tired when I first got up, but after a while started having more energy. Coffee helps.

After the sermon, I did 30.70 miles of laps around the lake. Averaged only 13.9 mph. It was fairly windy, there was slow-moving traffic, and I just didn't have the legs today to go very fast. Also, I was a bit woozy during the last several miles.

Am hoping that not having any copper in the water I drink will make a difference in my health. I don't know how much copper I have been getting through drinking water, though.

I don't know what to make of the point of the sermon today. For one thing, accusations may be just or unjust. For another, there are accusations in different domains, such as interpersonal or legal. Even though I was a follower of Christ when my mental illness and legal problems arose, there were accusations against me. In the legal domain, those accusations stood. They also stood in terms of my not being allowed in the church from which I am in exile, and they stand to this day, unless something has changed without my knowledge. In any case, I am not going to test the waters.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed. Am hoping to wake up early enough to do a ride before the wind gets too stiff tomorrow.

2015/04/11 17:35 Saturday

My weekend is here at last. Am too tired to celebrate that, though. I read that if a person has copper toxicity, they feel worse for a while when they start taking supplements to flush out the copper. Am hoping that is the case with my getting a little worse lately.

Unpacked the ZeroWater filtration system after work. If there is copper in the apartment water, that will filter it out.

Hope kitty has gotten tired of yet another brand of cat food. Will get her a different brand tomorrow or Monday.

Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/04/10 17:25 Friday

Three down, one to go. Was busy all day. Saturdays are usually slower, so maybe I'll get caught up on some things. However, I will be the only one in IT working tomorrow, as the other person who normally works Saturdays took a week of vacation this week. I will need to schedule some vacation time soon myself, partly because I need to burn some vacation time and partly because I would very much like to be away from work for a while. Can't do it before May 15th, though, as we are having a scheduled power outage on that day and I still have work to do on the BCP. The BCP is used for scheduled outages as well as unscheduled.

Am off to get ready for bed. Am utterly exhausted.

2015/04/09 18:30 Thursday

Two work days down, two to go. The workflow was just steady this morning, but I ended up being really busy in the afternoon. More often, it is the other way around: busier in the morning with it tapering off in the afternoon.

I read that a local cyclist was killed yesterday morning in a car wreck while she was driving to a race. I didn't know her, but I had heard her name before. Sad.

2015/04/08 17:50 Wednesday

One work day down; three to go. It wasn't all that busy this morning, but then we got slammed with problems toward the end of the day.

Am off to get ready for bed. Am bushed.

2015/04/07 18:05 Tuesday

Some of what I read in the Bible shocks me. Lot's daughters got him drunk for the purpose of having him father children by them. Abraham and Isaac both lied and claimed their wives were their sisters. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew. Jacob impersonated Esau at Rebekah's bidding. There may be even more that slips my mind at the moment.

Had a dental cleaning appointment this morning. While there, I made an appointment to have a gold molar crown replaced in case it has copper that is leaching. Also on the subject of copper, I have ordered a ZeroWater filtration system. Googled water filters, and found that the Pur filters I have been using filter only about 27% of copper, and don't do much better on other elements. ZeroWater filters filter 99.1% of copper, and also filter other elements at roughly that percentage. I don't know for sure that copper toxicity is causing my health problems, but it is worth it to limit my copper intake and see if that helps. I would go to my doctor to have tests run, but I have read that the tests are typically fairly inconclusive.

After the dental appointment, I did a trainer ride. Wanted to ride outdoors, but I was short on time, and the weather was looking threatening. I'll ride in the cold, but riding in cold rain doesn't appeal to me. As it turned out, it rained for a bit and then snowed for a while. Anyway, I did 25 miles on the trainer. Pushed myself more than I have been, especially for the last few miles. Averaged 17.0 mph.

Am going to hit the sack soon. Slept late this morning, as I got to bed late last night (about 8:45pm) because of the club board meeting. I've been up for only about ten hours, but will need to be up in about 9 1/2 hours to get ready for work. Hopefully I will fall asleep before long.

2015/04/06 16:15 Monday

Read in the Bible for a while this morning, then went back to bed for about an hour. Then I did some cleaning and ran some errands.

Wanted to ride outdoors today, but I drove by the park on the way home from the errands and saw that Eastshore was closed to through traffic because of construction. Thought about taking the road bike out to Verdi and back, but decided against it. I was struggling on the trainer yesterday, and my legs have been tired and unsteady. Just don't want to push my luck by getting too far from home. Did 25 miles on the trainer. Averaged 16.2 mph. Pushed myself during the last several miles, or the average would have been even slower.

Made a change to this file today. Copied it to an archive file that is accessible through a link near the top of this page, and cut this file way down in size to lessen the amount of data needing to be transferred to read the recent posts.

Regarding having encounters with Jesus, I assume the pastor meant more by that than merely praying. I do pray, but of late that hasn't qualified as having encounters with Jesus. My heart is just too hard.

There is a cycling club board meeting this evening. More and more, I think about resigning from the board. The club doesn't add anything of value to my life.

Will read the Bible for about 45 minutes and then go to the meeting.

2015/04/05 16:40 Sunday

Hope it has been a blessed Easter.

It was too windy to ride outdoors today. Rode 25 miles on the trainer before the church service. Averaged only 15.4 mph. Slept about 12 hours last night, and went back to bed for an hour or so after the service. Read in the Bible for about an hour this afternoon. I find parts of Genesis to be confusing.

Maybe encounters with Christ would soften my heart.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/04/04 17:00 Saturday

When I told my boss yesterday that I didn't see how I would be able to work 12-hour days, he seemed very taken aback despite my having mentioned to him on a number of occasions that I have problems with exhaustion.

Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/04/03 18:10 Friday

My boss has raised the possibility that we might start working 12-hour days sometime in the late summer or early fall. We would work three 12-hour days one week and then four 12-hour days the next. I told him that if my health didn't improve, I didn't see how I would be able to work 12-hour days. I am having enough trouble with ten-hour days.

Went to Costco after work. I was expecting it to be packed since they are closed on Sunday, but it wasn't bad. However, the downstairs neighbor went in the early afternoon, and it was so packed that she didn't even stay to do her shopping.

Should shower tonight, but am too tired. Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/04/02 17:15 Thursday

Looks like the weather will be rather unpleasant on my days off this weekend: windy, chilly, and a chance of rain. Will probably either ride the trainer or run. The wind would be the main problem for riding a bike.

Two work days down, two to go. Thankfully, the temporary guy works Monday - Thursday, so I won't have to deal with him for the next two days. He really slows down the process of getting things done.

Am off to get ready for bed. Am bushed.

2015/04/01 18:30 Wednesday

Managed to stay upright in the shower despite having unsteady legs. Was too tired to shower, but had to anyway because I didn't yesterday.

I have read that when people first start taking supplements to lower copper levels, sometimes they feel worse for a while because of the copper being flushed out of the organs.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.