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My purpose is to live for Christ alone.

13bForgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
- Philippians 3:13b-14 (NIV)

For beautiful the prize, and great our hope.

2016/10/20 20:30 Thursday

Made it through another work day, same as yesterday. Too tired again tonight to read. At least I made it home safely and without mishap, and managed not to fall in the shower. Gave thanks for that.

2016/10/19 20:00 Wednesday

Made it through the work day. Was swamped most of the day. Made the time pass quickly, but drained what little energy I had left.

Amy left a message on my home answering machine this morning. She apologized for getting irritated about a cycling club issue we had discussed, but didn't say anything about the confrontation we had regarding my statement that I loathe being female. I texted her this evening, thanked her for the call, and apologized for getting defensive about my dislike of being female.

Too tired to read tonight. Am so tired my head is spinning.

2016/10/18 16:55 Tuesday

Slept 13 hours. Was up for three and a half hours, and then had to go back to bed for two hours. This is no way to live. Again, I wish I had been killed when I was hit.

Have started composing an email to Amy regarding why I loathe being female. Probably won't send it. It is very disparaging toward women, so it would likely make things much worse. I don't really care. I would like to continue to be a customer at their bike shop, though. Don't want Amy firing me as a customer. Will probably text her a half-hearted apology of sorts in the next day or so.

Did an hour-long interval workout on the trainer. The distance was 17.87 miles. Was too tired to risk riding on the road. Have been having trouble walking today. I topple over for no obvious reason. At least I managed to stay upright in the shower. There is no reason to believe the problem has anything to do with having been hit, as it was happening at times before I was hit.

There is a cycling club general membership meeting this evening, but am too tired even to think about going. Have to work tomorrow. It will be a four-day work week, and then I will be off work for ten days.

Read Isaiah 47 and 48.

Off to bed.

2016/10/17 15:30 Monday

The thought of being female throughout all eternity is more than I can stand. Assuming that there are gender and gender expectations in heaven, and that the gender of our physical bodies continues to be the same in heaven regardless of how we identify, I want absolute and eternal oblivion. Actually, I don't think I want eternal life regardless. I cannot imagine how having consciousness could ever be tolerable. Perhaps God will have mercy on me.

Trump says Clinton should be in jail. I say he should be in jail as a sex offender. Furthermore, if he were to be elected president, irreperable damage would be done to the environment. Social policies might be able to be reversed in the future, but much environmental damage cannot be undone. That includes pollution that impacts the health of people. Also, Trump does not have the character to be president and to represent our country with foreign leaders. He is a bombastic buffoon, is a liar, and is immoral. I'm not happy with Clinton as a choice for president, but there is no way I would ever vote for Trump.

Got up early this morning to go to St. Mary's for elbow x-rays. I thought I had a bone chip in it, but nothing of that sort showed up. The doctor's office said the bump is apparently just something inflamed and to take anti-inflammatories for a few days.

Too tired to do a ride today, even on the trainer. Am so tired I am staggering. Probably had gluten cross-contamination at lunch yesterday. While I was eating the chicken, I was having trouble swallowing. It is only 3:30pm, but I am off to bed.

Read Isaiah 45 and 46.

2016/10/16 17:10 Sunday

Had lunch with Amy today after the church service webcast. She asked me about a series of books I have been reading, and from part of my description, she thought it might be what she called a "feminist manifesto." She said she would support me in reading any feminist manifesto. I told her I loathe being female, so I wouldn't ever read a feminist manifesto. She was taken aback. She asked me what I didn't like about being female, and I said "everything." She kept pushing me to tell her more, and I kept saying I didn't want to talk about it. What was I supposed to say? The truth? That I have very little tolerance for females, to understate the matter greatly, but females are expected to fellowship with other females instead of males? She thinks females are superior to males. She said males are the weaker sex. I tried not to sneer. I'm expecting that she will avoid me now. In any case, I will be avoiding her.

Tried to do a ride this morning, but gave up. It sounded as though the rear tire was rubbing against the fender. I adjusted the fender, and the rubbing noise stopped, but there was also a rattling noise. It might have been a loose bolt in one of the areas where the fender attaches to the frame. The multi-tool I had with me didn't have a driver with the right head to tighten it, but I had one at home. The bolt wasn't all that loose, though, so I don't know if that was the problem. Will take it to the bike shop in the morning. Even if the rattle was fixed by tightening the bolt, I want them to check the true of the rear wheel. It might have been damaged by the impact. It was knocked out of true when I was hit, and sometimes when a wheel is damaged, it won't stay true even after it has been trued. Given that the tire was rubbing, I am thinking it might have gone out of true. Anyway, the mileage was only 6.3 miles. Had planned to do a trainer ride this afternoon, but was getting very tired by the time I got home from lunch, so I punted.

I wish I had been killed when I was hit.

Read Isaiah 44.

2016/10/15 18:05 Saturday

Did an interval workout on the trainer today. The distance was 18.07 miles. Felt good after the ride. Didn't ride on the road because by the time of sunrise, the wind speed was already being recorded as 30 mph with gusts of 41 mph. Will try to ride on the road before the church service webcast tomorrow. If I can get on the bike by 8am or so, the conditions shouldn't be too bad.

Ordered another SSD from today, this time for my Win7 box. Logos and Adobe Elements load slowly, and I am hoping that the SSD will improve the performance. The PC isn't cutting edge, but the components are respectable.

So far, so good regarding my Linux box. It hasn't frozen since I swapped out the hard drive for the SSD.

Read Isaiah 42 and 43. Verses 43:1-3 stir my soul especially.

2016/10/14 20:25 Friday

Am bushed. Thankfully, I have the next four days off. Will try to get up early tomorrow to do a ride before the wind gets too wild. Don't know if I will be able to drag myself out of bed in time, though.

Read Isaiah 41.

2016/10/13 20:10 Thursday

The driver who hit me has Geico insurance. I'm not at all impressed with their adjuster. I have Ameriprise, and the adjuster has been very good.

Am at Isaiah 41. Will read Chapter 40 again, or at least the last part of it. Will also review the sermon on the last part of 40.

2016/10/12 21:05 Wednesday

Too tired again tonight to read. Am so tired my head is spinning and I am having balance problems.

2016/10/11 19:40 Tuesday

Am exhausted. Too tired to read tonight.

2016/10/10 18:55 Monday

Received an email from my auto insurance adjuster today. She found insurance coverage for the guy who hit me. My uninsured motorist coverage would pay for only $200 of the $390 of the personal property damage. I spoke with the adjuster for his insurance company this afternoon, and it looks like his insurance may cover the full amount as well as the medical bills. Every bit helps.

As to the disposition of the case against the driver, maybe I was wrong in stating that he got off unreasonably light. It was his first DUI, and he was sentenced to 120 days in jail. I don't know what the typical DUI sentence is. There were two charges, the DUI and "Fail to Decrease Speed Or To Use Due Care." He pled no contest, and the latter charge was dismissed with prejudice. The prosecutor said that he had a lot of meth in his system.

Did 15.87 miles of laps around the park today at a relaxed average speed of 14.3 mph. Didn't have any problems to speak of with my neck, but had a bit of a headache by the time I finished. When I got home, I took an Aleve, and also iced my neck for good measure. It is encouraging that I was able to ride on the road without much of a problem.

Two more work weeks and then I have ten days off. I will be working Tuesday-Friday this week and Wednesday-Saturday next week.

Read Isaiah 37.

2016/10/09 17:40 Sunday

I am confident that I should not contact the pastor, nor anyone else in the church.

Did a short ride of laps around the park today. It was only 10.57 miles. Was hoping to do 15+ miles, but wasn't sure that would be realistic because of the whiplash, so I had at least ten miles as my goal. Unfortunately, at about 6.5 miles, my neck started hurting, and soon after, a headache started. Being stubborn, I held on to meet my goal. After getting home, I iced my neck and took an Aleve, which helped. It was good to get on the road again, but I might ride the trainer tomorrow instead. Will depend on how my neck and head feel in the morning.

Read Isaiah 36.

2016/10/08 19:25 Saturday

Spent a good part of the day rebuilding my Linux box. I bought an SSD (solid state drive) a while back to replace the hard drive I have had in it. The system had been locking up due to kernel crashes. I've been running Fedora 24 Server, which should be stable, so I'm thinking it might have been due to a hardware issue. I ran MemTest86, and it didn't detect any errors. It checks the RAM, and it also implicitly checks the CPU and motherboard. The smartmon hdd monitoring tool wasn't coming up with any errors to speak of, either, but I didn't want to take a chance on losing data. I do backups to an external USB hard drive, but not all that often. Some things have changed about the Fedora install, so I ran into some roadblocks that took me a while to figure out. I think I finally have everything back how I want it, though.

Visited the friend in the hospital this afternoon. He is doing better, thankfully, but needs to get strength back.

Walked three laps around Virginia Lake with a friend from out of town.

Didn't have time to ride. Am hoping to make time during the next two days. Will be working Tuesday - Friday again this coming week.

Read Isaiah 35.

2016/10/07 20:05 Friday

Was going to visit a friend in the hospital after work, but put it off until tomorrow. Just too tired.

Read Isaiah 34.

2016/10/06 20:50 Thursday

One more work day, and then I will have three days off. I need to get some rest on my days off. Will be busier than I would like, though.

Am so tired my head is spinning.

Read Isaiah 33.

2016/10/05 20:35 Wednesday

Left work early today for a cycling club board meeting. They are usually on the first Monday of the month, but too many people were out of town on that day this month, so we rescheduled. Even as it was, not many board members were there.

Read Isaiah 32.

2016/10/04 21:00 Tuesday

The guy who hit me got off unreasonably light, most likely due to negligence or incompetence on the part of the prosecutor. More on that another time.

Too tired to read tonight. Am so tired my head is spinning.

2016/10/03 17:55 Monday

Went to the courthouse for the trial today, but the guy who hit me changed his plea to guilty before anyone was called into the courtroom. The prosecutor said I could stay to watch, but I didn't want to. I just wanted to get out of there. I was thankful that I didn't have to testify.

Perhaps I need to learn to trust the pastor. I would hope that if he believes it is in God's will for me to return to the church, that he would explicitly invite me to return rather than relying on me to take the initiative. I am too terrified to reach out to him. He would have to make the first contact.

Will be working Tuesday - Friday this week. Don't know my schedule for next week yet. I do know that I will have Sunday off. Wouldn't want to miss the church service webcast.

Read Isaiah 31.

2016/10/02 17:35 Sunday

Didn't get much done today. Too tired. After the webcast, I went to Savemart and then Costco. Didn't do laundry, and didn't ride.

A statement made by the pastor made me nervous. He said that if you are running from something, you are headed to something. I don't think I am running from God's will, but if he thinks I am, I could be in trouble. I consistently give thanks that my legal troubles are over, and pray that I will never be in legal trouble again. I pray that I am not headed to legal trouble merely for watching the church service webcasts and commenting herein.

Am at Isaiah 31.

2016/10/01 20:35 Saturday

Today was a slow but steady day at work. Got quite a bit accomplished. I was the only one in IT working today, which was nice.

Will have only two days off this weekend, and will be very busy both days. Tomorrow I will watch the church service webcast, of course. Then I will go to Costco, and after that will do laundry. Don't like doing chores on Sundays, but won't have time to do those things on Monday. On Monday morning, I have a chiropractor's appointment, and then I will be going to the courthouse for the 1pm trial of the driver who hit me.

Am at Isaiah 29.

2016/09/30 20:45 Friday

Today wasn't as busy at work as the last two days were. Caught up on some things.

Read Isaiah 26. I especially like verse 3.

2016/09/29 21:15 Thursday

Another day of being swamped at work. At least it makes the time pass quickly.

Read Isaiah 25.

2016/09/28 21:10 Wednesday

Had to work today. Would have been off work today, but this week I am working four days instead of three days because I worked three days last week instead of four.

Read Isaiah 24.

2016/09/27 18:55 Tuesday

The application statement "Disobedience to God's will leads to catastrophe in your life" makes me nervous. I hope it isn't a veiled threat. I doubt if it is, but I've been blind-sided before.

Had a frustrating day today, and that has me in a bad mood. Didn't have time to ride, for one thing.

My sister from El Paso texted me this afternoon to let me know she will be in town for Thanksgiving. There will be a family get-together at the home of our other sister's ex-husband and his wife. That is the ex-brother-in-law who has metastasized leukemia. I am scheduled to work on Thanksgiving, as Thursday is one of my regular work days, and the center will not be closed. I am going to try to get the day off, or at least part of the day. I hate to have to face it, but this might be Chuck's last Thanksgiving. It really hurts to think about that. It really hurts to think about his health in general.

When I am in pain, physical or psychological, it is hard for me to reach out to God. It should be the other way around. I just get kind of numb, and feel as though I am in a cocoon of pain.

Read Isaiah 23.

2016/09/26 18:15 Monday

Last night, as I lay in bed waiting to fall asleep, I prayed about whether or not I should contact the pastor. The thought came to mind, "When in doubt, don't." I don't know if that was a word from God, but I am going to follow it regardless.

Yesterday, during the sermon, I had thought perhaps I should write herein, "Please, and thank you," and see if the pastor were to contact me in response. That thought came to me again this morning as I was laying in bed trying to muster the energy to get up. I prayed about it, but didn't come to any conclusion. I also prayed that God would let my will be aligned with His, and that He would guide me.

Definite parallels may be drawn between the pastor's Jonah outlines and the storm we went through after I ran from the church. Also, his application statements could be said to be relevant to my current situation. Perhaps he is preaching in part to me, or perhaps he is just taking inspiration from the storm. Or, perhaps neither holds.

Rode 10.58 miles of laps around the park. I had a neck massage and a chiropractic adjustment today, and I told the chiropractor that I had hoped to ride on the road this afternoon but that given how tight my neck muscles were, I didn't think it was a good idea. He encouraged me to go ahead and ride, though, and see how it went. He said he didn't want atrophy to set in and undo the treatment he has been giving. He said to do about 20% of what I would normally do. I decided to do more, though, as 20% would be only about three miles. With my health issues, I was down to about 15 miles before being hit. After the ride, I iced my neck, and also iced it this evening.

Listened to Pastor Matt's sermon from yesterday. It was a blessing. I am thankful to be able to listen to sermons from two solid preachers.

Read an article on about a local church. One person was quoted as saying the service was like a rock concert, and it seemed that he thought that was a good thing. I went to that church once, and didn't go back. The service was theatrical. To me, the church seemed to be more interested in entertaining people than leading them to grow in their relationship with God.

Am at Isaiah 23.

2016/09/25 17:30 Sunday

It occurred to me as I was trying to fall asleep last night that Pastor Matt made a distinction between feelings and agape love. He noted that feelings are fickle, while agape love is a self-sacrificing love. I would think, though, that agape would have to have some component of feelings, or it would not be love at all. One might be self-sacrificing regarding that which does not involve interpersonal relationships, such as when I don't take my breaks at work because I am too busy. Also, one might be self-sacrificing for the sake of a person whom one doesn't even like, such as when I do things for the downstairs neighbor. Perhaps it goes without saying, though, that feelings need to be a component of agape.

The app word of the day is "albatross." The first definition listed is, "a seemingly inescapable moral or emotional burden, as of guilt or responsibility."

It was good to see that the pastor's pacemaker procedure was successful. As to the sermon, it added to my albatross of emotional burden. I will listen to the sermon again, though, as I'm not sure about the intent of some statements and would like to hear them again. It was a profound statement that Jonah was still running when he told the sailors to toss him overboard instead of turning the ship around and going to Ninevah. Perhaps I am still running, and perhaps I need to wake up, to be found out by my own hand, to become a sacrifice, and to commit to God's will along with others. Perhaps that would mean that I need to contact the pastor and ask to return to the church, regardless of the risk involved. Perhaps not, though. I myself do not know God's will in the matter, and in part because of that, I cannot see contacting the pastor, even though I have to wonder if he is trying to lead me to do so. What is done is done. I don't even want to go back to church, not any church. Perhaps I am too much like Jonah.

If the pastor is indeed trying to lead me to contact him, I don't see why he doesn't just contact me himself.

Didn't ride today, not even on the trainer. Was too tired, in part due to the albatross.

Read Isaiah 20. It was a short chapter, but I'm too tired to read more. Need to collapse into bed.

2016/09/24 17:00 Saturday

My soul is in deep pain. Mike Stewart and some people from his church were at the same site of the River Cleanup that my group was at. I didn't know if he recognized me, but I went up to him and introduced myself. I told him I was on medication and no longer had problems. He told me he was glad I was doing better and wished me well, and I told him I wished him well also. It was somewhat uncomfortable, though. For the most part, I worked in a different area from him and his group. I didn't have a panic attack as I would have expected. However, there was a delayed reaction. After the event was over, I went rather numb. Then, after getting home, I decided to listen to Pastor Matt's sermon from last week in the hope that it would make me feel better. Unfortunately, that made me even more numb. It was about the need for Christians to love each other with agape love. As I have written before, I cannot love people because I cannot bring myself to trust people. I can like them, but not love them. During the sermon, he had a video played about a former police officer who framed an innocent man, and how they became close friends after they were both released from imprisonment. Poignant.

Am at Isaiah 20.

2016/09/23 20:35 Friday

Another non-stop day at work. Made it through the work day okay, but now am exhausted beyond measure again. Too tired to read again tonight.

Will be off work tomorrow. Will be participating in the KTMB River Cleanup in the morning. Will be working four days next week to make up for not being at work tomorrow. This week would have been a four-day week and next week would have been a three-day week otherwise. Then, after next week, I will be working Tuesday - Friday for two weeks to help cover for a co-worker's vacation time.

Off to finish getting ready for bed before I drop.

2016/09/22 20:20 Thursday

Was too tired to sleep last night by the time I got to bed. Am exhausted beyond measure. Too tired to read tonight. It was another non-stop day at work, which made the time go by faster, but it also wore me out even more than I was already worn out.

2016/09/21 21:10 Wednesday

It was non-stop at work today. Had over 1700 emails waiting for me, and only got through about 200. A lot of those were ones I could delete without reading, so I really didn't make much progress.

After work, I went by Renown to visit a friend who is in the cardiac ICU. I have been friends with him and his daughter for years. They helped me out a lot when I was having difficulties. I have been praying for him a lot. He has a temporary pacemaker. He can't get a permanent one until he is cleared from an infection.

Too tired to read in Isaiah tonight. I am utterly exhausted.

2016/09/20 17:20 Tuesday

Have to go back to work tomorrow, much to my dismay.

Have had increasingly bad headaches lately, and they don't respond to the over-the-counter pain medication I have. Made an appointment with the nurse practitioner for next Tuesday. Due to the headaches and other symptoms, I am thinking it is time for a CAT scan of my head.

Didn't ride today, not even the trainer, because of the all-day headache. Did walk a couple of laps around Virginia Lake with a friend from back East who is in town for a month.

There is a cycling club meeting this evening, but I'm not going, again because of the headache.

Am at Isaiah 18.

2016/09/19 18:45 Monday

Busy day. Naturopath appointment, massage, chiropractic appointment, and laundry. Was too tired to ride, and didn't have time to do so anyway.

Read Isaiah 14.

2016/09/18 18:55 Sunday

The sermon today was as poignant as I expected it to be. Sermons about Jonah are always soul-wrenching for me, as they are a reminder that I ran from God's will when I ran from the church, my mental illness notwithstanding. I didn't spend time in the belly of a whale, but I did go through an ordeal. Also, I do have spiritual heart disease.

Perhaps because of the condition of my heart, I do not have any sense that it is in God's will for me to return to the church. Beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind, God did call me to that church years ago when I did go there, but that was then, and this is now. If the pastor were to contact me and tell me that he believed it to be in God's will for me to return, I would return, however difficult it would be for me, but I don't expect that to happen, in any case.

After the sermon, I did an hour-long interval ride on the trainer. The distance was 17.16 miles. Wasn't sure my neck was up to riding on the road, but it was a moot point. Mentally, I wasn't up to riding on the road after the sermon.

The pastor will be in my prayers even more so than usual this week as he faces going through his procedure.

Read Isaiah 13.

2016/09/17 17:20 Saturday

Took the BoB trailer to Costco today. Got there, locked up the bike and trailer, and then realized that I didn't have the credit card that is also my membership card. Might (or might not) have been able to get a temporary membership card, but I didn't have enough cash with me to get what I was planning on buying, anyway. Rode back home to get the card and then rode back. The two round-trips came to 9.5 miles. After that, I ran another errand on the bike. Was really too tired to do that errand, but was being stubborn. The total distance for the day was 12.35 miles. My neck is somewhat stiff and sore, but not too bad.

Will be taking a sign-in sheet to the starting place of the Sunday morning club ride tomorrow. Most board members will either be out of town or will be riding the Edible Pedal tomorrow, so there won't be anyone to lead the ride. The ride starts at 9am, so I will be able to get back in plenty of time for the church service webcast.

Am at Isaiah 13.

2016/09/16 17:00 Friday

The chiropractor said it would be okay to try riding on the road, but I was too tired to do so this afternoon. Will try tomorrow.

Am at Isaiah 11.

2016/09/15 17:35 Thursday

Have been exhausted all day, but went ahead and did an interval workout on the trainer. The distance was 17.33 miles.

My neck is doing better today. Might have ridden on the road today if I hadn't been too tired to ride safely. It's probably for the best that I didn't, though. Don't want to push my luck with the healing of the whiplash. I'll talk to the chiropractor about it tomorrow.

Read Isaiah 8.

2016/09/14 18:30 Wednesday

The massage didn't go as well as I had hoped. Even after an hour of work on my neck and shoulders, I still have a lot of knots. It will take more time than I thought to work them out. My expectations were unrealistic. I should have realized that from the self-massage I've been doing. Have another appointment on Monday. The chiropractor wasn't able to make it in today, unfortunately. My next appointment with him is on Friday.

Did an hour-long interval workout on the trainer. Did the one minute at high intensity on each five-minute mark again. Didn't push myself as hard during the high-intensity minutes today as at the other times, though. The distance was 16.78 miles. Took it a little easier, as during the night it seemed as though I might be coming down with a cold and sore throat. Managed to stave that off, though, in part due to prayer, perhaps. I doubt if God cares if I get a minor illness.

Read Isaiah 7.

2016/09/13 18:45 Tuesday

Did an hour on the trainer today, but didn't do an interval workout. Have been tired today, so I took it easy. The distance was only 15.37 miles.

Read Isaiah 6. Made a misstatement yesterday; it was Isaiah 5 I read then, not Chapter 6.

2016/09/12 18:20 Monday

My ex-brother-in-law from Reno is back in the hospital, this time in Newport Beach. He and his wife were there visiting her parents, and he got food poisoning. With the issues from his metastasized leukemia and chemo, it hit him especially hard. Also, he has been having problems with low blood pressure for some weeks, and that was causing problems getting him stabilized too. It hurts to know he has gone through so much. He is always in my prayers.

Did the same interval workout today as yesterday. This time, the distance was 17.1 miles.

Went to the chiropractor this afternoon. Will be going to the massage therapist on Wednesday, and hopefully will be able to have another chiro appointment right after that. Wednesday is the chiro's day off, but he is going to try to make it in, as he likes to do adjustments right after massage appointments. Have another chiro appointment on Friday. Am hoping to get the whiplash knocked out soon.

Read Isaiah 6.

2016/09/11 18:20 Sunday

Am thankful to be able to watch church services online.

Did an hour-long interval workout on the trainer today. At every five-minute mark, I did a minute at high intensity. The distance was 17.41 miles.

This morning, I had thought perhaps I would be able to ride on the road today. However, as a test, I looked to my left and to my right over my shoulders a few times, and that caused my neck to start hurting. It is hard to be patient.

That brings to mind the sermon from the first time I attended the church from which I am in exile. It was on June 14th, 1998, and the title was "Prescription for Patience!" I still have the sermon listening guide. One point that was made was this: "Determine - from now on - to magnify the greatness of your God rather than the enormity of your circumstances."

Am at Isaiah 5.

2016/09/10 20:10 Saturday

Caught up on things that needed to be done before my vacation. Am still behind on some things, though. There just isn't enough time to get everything done, as we are short-handed. Being exhausted all the time makes it worse, too.

Read Isaiah 1.

2016/09/09 20:25 Friday

Another day of being busy all day. One more work day, and I will be on vacation. Will go back on the 21st.

Finished Song of Solomon, thankfully. Next up is Isaiah. Am looking forward to that.

2016/09/08 21:05 Thursday

The workday wasn't as bad as yesterday, but I was busy all day nonetheless.

Thankfully, the court date for the driver is a Monday, so I won't have to take time off from work. The certified letter was a subpoena. It said my appearance is mandatory, as a decision has been made that my testimony is necessary. I find that a tad amusing. I could have been killed or paralyzed by the driver. I could have suffered serious brain damage. My fear of legal proceedings notwithstanding, the thought had not even occurred to me to skip his trial.

The downstairs neighbor told me she wanted to go to the trial. I was taken aback. I hadn't thought of the possibility of her wanting to go. I told her it would make me nervous to have someone I knew there. She then suggested that she could leave the courtroom when it was time for me to testify. I said no, it would still make me nervous. I don't want to deal with being around her, or anyone else I know, when I am preparing to testify.

Am at Chapter 7 of Song of Solomon.

2016/09/07 20:45 Wednesday

The work day started out about as bad as it gets. Was swamped right off the bat. Got things under control after a while, though.

I had spoken with an RPD officer some time ago, and he told me the driver had insurance. However, it appears that he didn't have it after all. I had left voicemail for RPD's Traffic Division a while ago asking for the driver's insurance information, and an officer left voicemail for me today telling me that they didn't have any insurance information for the driver, so if a claim is going to be filed, it will need to be filed with my insurance company.

When I got home, I found a notice from the USPS slid partway under my door. The Reno City Attorney's office sent me a certified letter. The downstairs neighbor will pick it up for me at the Post Office tomorrow. On the one hand, I am looking forward to getting the ball rolling on the prosecution of the driver, but on the other hand, I dread any legal proceedings.

Read Chapter 1 of Song of Solomon.

2016/09/06 18:40 Tuesday

Did an hour on the trainer again today. The distance was 15.4 miles.

Went to the chiro this afternoon. My neck felt better at first, but then as I was driving to Costco after leaving, the left side of my neck got even more painful than it had been. He had given me a cold pack, so I used that as I was driving, and that helped. My next appointment is on Monday afternoon. Wish I could get in sooner, but I work Wednesday - Saturday this week.

Have lost my temper. I am tired and want to go to bed, but the landscaping guys are using loud leaf-blowers near my apartment, and have been for quite some time. I looked out my window, and it looks as though they are nowhere near being done.

Finished Ecclesiastes. Next is "The Song of Solomon." Can't relate to that book.

2016/09/05 20:30 Monday

Am still sleeping a lot. Slept over 14 hours last night, and then went back to bed after a while to rest for an hour and 15 minutes.

Did a trainer ride of one hour at an easy pace again today. The distance was 15.23 miles.

It is past my bedtime, but there was a cycling club board meeting tonight, so I wasn't able to get to bed as early as I would have liked.

Read Ecclesiastes 11.

2016/09/04 17:25 Sunday

It was good to see the pastor back in the saddle today. The vision of the valley of dry bones is one of my favorite passages in the Bible. In today's sermon, I especially liked the metaphor of the wind blowing. The sermon, and especially that metaphor, struck chords in my soul.

Did a trainer ride today. It was good to be working out again. Rode at an easy pace for an hour; the distance was 14.62 miles. Wasn't sure I should ride, as I was tired and had a headache. However, I massaged my neck a bit beforehand, and that helped relieve the headache. Had planned to start riding on the road next week, but that might not be a good idea. I don't ride with a mirror, and looking over my shoulder often could put a strain on my neck. I'll discuss it with the chiropractor and see how I feel next week.

I still haven't told my sisters about being hit by the car. One of them bought a road bike a year or so ago, and if she knew about my being hit, she might get afraid and stop riding.

Am at Ecclesiastes 11.

2016/09/03 20:05 Saturday

Have had quite a headache since early afternoon. Don't know if that is from the concussion or from the whiplash. Took Tylenol when I got home, but the headache subsided only somewhat.

Read Ecclesiastes 6.

2016/09/02 20:50 Friday

Am getting better, day by day. Not much of a headache today. However, my neck and shoulders feel fairly tight.

Had some good news today. Someone in HR where I work has been out due to cancer, and I had heard she wouldn't be back, but today I found out she will be back. It will be a while, but she is planning on coming back. I've been praying for her.

Made an appointment with a massage therapist today. The earliest she could get me in was the 14th, though.

Read Ecclesiastes 5.

2016/09/01 20:10 Thursday

Cancelled the PT appointment and made an appointment with the chiropractor. Am working on getting an appointment with a massage therapist. The ones in the chiro's office just rent space from him, and I probably wouldn't be able to get in to see either of them very soon.

Had a headache toward the end of the work day, probably due to tight neck muscles.

Read Ecclesiastes 4.