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My purpose is to live for Christ alone.

13bForgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
- Philippians 3:13b-14 (NIV)

For beautiful the prize, and great our hope.

2015/07/04 15:00 Saturday

Am posting early today, as I will be getting home relatively late from Amy and Randy's, and am sure I will be too tired to post then.

Did 30.63 miles of laps around the park on the commuter bike. Didn't want to ride the Roubaix or go to Verdi because rain was in the forecast. Wanted to stay close to home just in case. Got sprinkled on a little, but there wasn't any more rain than that. It was windy. Averaged a very slow 13.3 mph.

2015/07/03 19:40 Friday

Almost didn't ride to work today. Felt a little woozy from being tired when I dragged myself out of bed. Then decided to go ahead and ride. It was a macho thing.

Struggled some on the ride to work. For the 13.11 miles, the average speed was only 9.9 mph. The max speed was 24.3 mph. On the way home, the mileage was 13.15 miles at an average speed of 15.1 mph. The max was 34.0 mph. I was controlling my speed on the way home; I kept it at about 27 mph on most of the downhill stretches. At about 25 mph, the bike starts getting wobbly, and at 30 mph or so, it feels unsafe. It didn't used to do that. I need to take it in to the bike shop to have it checked out. It was windy again today during the ride home, but not as bad as yesterday.

Have the day off tomorrow for my Independence Day holiday. Will be going to Amy and Randy's for a party tomorrow at about 4pm. Hopefully I will be able to stay awake long enough to watch the fireworks and then drive home.

Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/07/02 20:10 Thursday

Am planning to ride to work tomorrow. I might leave work early; it depends on the weather forecast. Would prefer not to get caught in rain while riding home, and there might be thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Am not all that tired, but I should have been in bed some time ago since I will be getting up early enough to ride. Am off to bed now. Hopefully I will fall asleep soon.

2015/07/01 19:05 Wednesday

Managed to drag myself out of bed in time to ride to work this morning. Riding got my day off to a good start. Haven't been very tired today. It was nerve-wracking riding home, though. There were stiff and gusty cross-winds on Virginia north of McCarran, and the bike lane had a lot of rocks. The winds were to the east, which means they were blowing toward the traffic. Riding 30+ miles an hour under those conditions with traffic passing close by at 55 mph or so was quite the experience. Anyway, if it doesn't look like it will rain on Friday afternoon, I will likely ride to work again. The distance is just a little over 13 miles each way. It is uphill most of the way there. I averaged only 11.1 mph heading to work, and 15.0 mph on the way home. My max speed on the way home was 34.6 mph.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/06/30 18:25 Tuesday

It's back to work tomorrow. Oh, well. Have to work to pay the bills.

Was in bed for about 13 hours last night, and was in bed by 6:10pm, but had a lot of trouble sleeping. It took hours for me to fall completely asleep, and then my sleep became very restless at about 4am.

As I was laying in bed this morning, I thought I would likely be too tired to ride to Verdi when I finally dragged myself out of bed. However, I did feel up to doing so. Didn't feel up to riding fast, but set the only goals as being to put in the 36 miles and to spend time alone with God. Did 36.08 miles and did spend some time in prayer. Am trying to get back in the habit of praying while riding. Averaged only 14.5 mph, in part due to being a little tired and in part due to having a fairly stiff headwind on the way back.

Am hoping to be able to drag myself out of bed in time to ride the commuter bike to work tomorrow.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/06/29 17:30 Monday

Slept about 12 hours last night. Will be going to bed fairly early this evening. Am hoping to be asleep by about 6:15pm.

Rode the Roubaix to Verdi today. Did 36.08 miles. Was taking it easy. Averaged only 14.8 mph. Was a little concerned before I started riding. My blood pressure seems to be low, as when I rise from a lowered position, I feel dizzy. Was okay on the ride, though. I think I might be taking too much of the CoQ10, as one of the potential side effects is dizziness. Have been taking 200 mg twice a day. Am cutting that down to a single 200 mg dose.

During the church service on Sunday, I reflected on my sins of omission. Lately, I have been spending very little time in God's Word and in prayer. I pray some while riding, but not nearly as much as I should. It is hard to stay focused.

Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/06/28 18:30 Sunday

Unfortunately, the church service webcast didn't start when the service did. After a while, I gave up checking every minute or so and started getting ready to ride. Finally, when I checked at 11:27am, the feed was on. I was already in a jersey, but hadn't put cycling shorts on yet. The pastor was reading a statement about the SCOTUS decision. I missed the first part of it, so I will listen to it when the sermon is posted.

I went ahead and bought a fat bike. The main purpose, for me, will be to ride it in the snow, assuming it ever snows here again. Might take it off-road in sandy terrain, too. Good thing I have a pickup truck to transport it. Rode a few laps around the park on it this morning. Felt kind of stupid riding it on the road with no snow, but wanted to get the feel of it. The guy who has the horses in the field next to Virginia Lake saw me, and his eyes got really wide. I've gotten to know him well enough to stop and talk to him every now and then, and we always wave at each other when passing. I stopped to show off my bike. He was impressed.

After the church service, I rode laps around the park on the commuter bike. Thought it might rain, and besides, I was too tired to ride to Verdi. Did 30.68 miles and averaged only 13.9 mph. Am hoping to feel up to doing a Verdi ride tomorrow.

Slept about ten hours last night. Probably would have slept longer, but Hope kitty was in need of attention and kept wanting to be petted. I would pet her for a while, then stop and almost drift off back to sleep, and then she would want to be petted again. Oh, well. She's a good kitty, and she usually lets me sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I'm off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/06/27 18:35 Saturday

I'm disappointed that the ride was cancelled, but it was still good to have two extra days off. I could have cancelled the days off and saved the vacation time, but I had been looking forward to the time off, so I didn't cancel.

Did a 36.10-mile Verdi ride this morning. Was rather slow again today, probably due to being tired. Averaged only 14.9 mph.

Don't know yet what or where I will ride tomorrow. Will be riding after the church service. Accuweather is predicting about an even chance of rain in the afternoon, but Channel 2 is not predicting rain. Will check the forecasts again tomorrow. If rain is forecast, I'll ride the trainer or maybe laps around the park on the Quick, and if it isn't, I'll ride the Roubaix out to Verdi.

Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/06/26 19:35 Friday

The ride in Tahoe will be 74 miles, and I'm not going to try it. Will just do a Verdi ride tomorrow.

Did a Verdi ride this morning. The mileage was 36.26 miles. The average speed was a very slow 14.1 mph. Have been tired all day, so I was just taking it very easy. Even thought about skipping today's ride, but went ahead and rode anyway.

Slept only about nine hours last night. Am off to finish getting ready for bed now. Will see how many hours I will sleep tonight.

2015/06/25 19:25 Thursday

Unfortunately, Saturday's ride has been cancelled due to the fire and smoke situation. The organizing club will be having a club ride in Tahoe, though. Am waiting to find out the details before deciding whether or not to go. It will likely be a longer ride than I would like to try at this point.

Am really tired. Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/06/24 19:15 Wednesday

Had a lazy day at work today. It wasn't all that busy. One more day of work, and then I have five days off. It is highly unlikely the ride will be cancelled. The routes will definitely be changed, though. Haven't decided yet whether or not to do the ride. Probably will.

Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/06/23 18:55 Tuesday

It isn't looking good for Saturday's ride, which was scheduled to start and finish at Turtle Rock County Park near Markleeville. The club that puts the ride on is working on contingency plans, though. I am scheduled to take Friday and Saturday off work. Haven't decided whether or not to go ahead and take those days if the ride ends up being cancelled.

Rode the Roubaix to Verdi again this morning. Did 36.09 miles. Averaged 15.3 mph.

Slept only about nine hours last night. Woke up before the alarm went off. Sleeping only nine hours is progress. Maybe the CoQ10 is helping.

Am off to bed. It's back to work tomorrow.

2015/06/22 19:45 Monday

Had my annual mammogram this morning. Rode the commuter bike to the appointment. Rode past the church. The bike lane on McCarran is the closest I will ever come to setting foot on the church property again.

The round trip to the appointment was 4.21 miles. After that, I rode the Roubaix to Verdi, around the Verdi area, and back home. The distance was 36.21 miles. Averaged only 14.6 mph. Was tired, and it was windy. Because I was tired, I thought about riding laps around the park, but it was good that I decided to ride to Verdi. As I was riding past the north end of the lake, a road work crew was setting up there on Lakeside. As I was riding back, I saw that they were still doing road work, so I took Lymberry to Eastshore around the lake to avoid the road work.

Am off to get ready for bed. It is late (for me, anyway), and I will be getting up fairly early to ride in the morning. Will be taking Amy to lunch tomorrow to celebrate her birthday, which is on Wednesday.

2015/06/21 20:00 Sunday

Sunday continued...

Perhaps I should clarify something. I wrote on the 14th that I am in exile from the church. As an exile may at times return to the place from which they are in exile, I should note that I am in permanent exile. I am thankful to be able to watch church services online, but I have absolutely no desire to attend any church.

Also, I should note that my concerns regarding the Washington Fire include the firefighters battling the blaze.

2015/06/21 17:55 Sunday

Managed to drag myself out of bed in time to do a ride before the church service. Did 30.57 miles of laps around the park on the Roubaix. It was already windy before I finished the ride. The wind speed was reported as being 20 mph with the gusts also being 20 mph for the last half or so of the ride. Averaged only 15.4 mph.

Am concerned that the Alta Alpina Challenge will be affected by the Washington Fire near Markleeville. It was looking as though the Alta Alpina Cycling Club would be losing money on the ride this year as it was, due to a lower number of riders than usual, but if some routes end up being closed and there ends up being smoke in the air for all routes, they will have even fewer riders. I would think they might even end up refunding money to people who can't ride the routes they registered for. And, of course, I am concerned about how the fire will affect residents of the area.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/06/20 20:05 Saturday

The work week is over, thankfully. Will be working only two days next week, for which I am very thankful. Will be taking Friday off to rest up, and then will be riding the 37-mile route in the Alta Alpina Challenge on Saturday. The weather forecast is predicting beautiful weather in Markleeville on Saturday. The high forecast as 86 degrees, and the precipitation forecast is 0%.

Norton tech support was able to clean the downstairs neighbor's PC. I'm glad they were able to do so.

It is supposed to be very windy tomorrow afternoon, so I am going to try to get up early enough to do at least 30 miles before the church service. If I can't drag myself out of bed in time, I might have to ride the trainer after the service.

Am off to get ready for bed. It is already late.

2015/06/19 18:15 Friday

Wanted to ride to work tomorrow, but I'm sure I would be too tired to ride home safely by the end of the day. Driving will likely be bad enough.

The downstairs neighbor has malware on her PC again. The last time, I cleaned her PC, but this time I gave her the Norton phone number and the information she will need to give them in order for them to help her. It is included in the subscription I purchased.

Am exhausted. Need to finish getting ready for bed asap.

2015/06/18 19:25 Thursday

Should have come straight home after work, showered, and then gone to bed. Instead, I went by the bike shop to test ride a fat bike. Fat bikes are the bikes with huge tires. Am thinking about getting one for riding in the snow this winter, assuming we will even have snow. They are also good for riding on sand.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/06/17 19:15 Wednesday

It is always hard to go back to work on the first day of my work week. One day down, though. I will be working 7am-5:30pm on Saturday instead of my normal 5am-3:30pm. Am thinking about riding to and from work.

Slept only about 4 1/2 hours last night. Had trouble falling asleep again.

Am off to get ready for bed.

2015/06/16 15:00 Tuesday

Finally went ahead and rode to Verdi, around that area, and back, on the Roubaix. The total mileage was 36.07 miles, and the average speed was 15.4 mph.

Had trouble falling asleep again last night. Was in bed by about 8pm, but it was after 9:30 before I drifted off to sleep. Got out of bed at about 7am.

Am fairly tired, but will be going to a cycling club meeting this evening. Am going to lay down for an hour or so now.

2015/06/15 19:35 Monday

Slept about 13 hours last night. Wanted to be on the road for my ride at 10am, but wasn't even out of bed then. Guess I overdid it on Saturday and Sunday.

Ended up riding at about noon. There was a lot of slow-moving traffic that I got stuck behind, and the wind was already blowing. The average was only 15.1 mph for the 30.54 miles of laps around the park on the Roubaix. Might ride the Roubaix to Verdi tomorrow morning.

Am off to get ready for bed. Am not all that tired, but would like to wake up early enough tomorrow to be on the road by 10am. Hopefully I will be able to sleep not long after going to bed.

2015/06/14 19:50 Sunday

It was 17 years ago today that I first went to the church from which I am in exile. There has been much water under the bridge since then.

Had something kind of interesting happen yesterday at the Tour de Nez. The Icecycle ice cream bike was next to our booth, and I went over to get a cup. One of the flavors was cherry merlot sorbet. Cherry is one of my favorite flavors, and back in my drinking days I liked merlot, so I ordered that. I took one bite, and was unpleasantly surprised. Turns out I have lost my taste for merlot. I gave the sorbet to one of the other club members and went back for chocolate ice cream.

The 37-mile ride I will be doing on June 27th is one of the rides in the Alta Alpina Challenge. Alta Alpina is a cycling club in the Carson City / Gardnerville / Lake Tahoe area, and they put on the Challenge annually. They used to put on the Death Ride, but some other entity took that over and the club started the Challenge. There are rides ranging from 15 miles on flat terrain to 198 miles with serious hills. The ride starts at Turtle Rock Park near Markleeville. It is only about a 90-minute drive from here, so I will just drive down there the morning of the ride. The start time is between 8am and 10am. I will probably start at about 9am. It will probably be warming up some by then, and the post-ride lunch will probably start sometime around when I will be finishing.

Woke up this morning after only about 10 hours of sleep. That's progress. Maybe the problem has been copper overload and it is taking a long time to flush the copper from my system. From what I have read, the process can take up to six months. Or maybe the CoQ10 is helping.

My apartment doesn't have air conditioning, but a couple of years ago I bought a floor unit with window exhaust from the woman whose office is next to mine at work. The heat doesn't cause me problems, but I was concerned about the possibility of Hope kitty getting overheated. This morning, I duct-taped the exhaust to the window in the main bedroom. (I don't leave the exhaust in the window all year.) The weather has warmed up, and I have to keep Hope kitty cool.

After the church service, I did 30.56 miles of laps around the park on the Roubaix. The ride started out well, but went downhill after about 9 miles. By about 8 miles, the average speed was 15.8 mph and climbing. Then the wind started blowing. The wind speed was reported as 17 mph with gusts up to 26 mph. Had a stiff headwind on the east side of the lake, and a less strong diagonal crosswind/headwind on the west side. There seems to be an eddying effect around the lake. My final average was only 15.4 mph.

Am bogging down in reading the Bible. Am in Exodus 39, where the building of the ark, the tabernacle, and so forth are described in excruciating detail. I'm just not inspired by that.

Off to get ready for bed.

2015/06/13 20:15 Saturday

Was at the Tour de Nez from about 7am until about 6:30pm. Long day, especially since I went to bed late last night. Manning the booth was okay, and so was being a course marshal. I rode a bike there and pulled my BoB (Beast of Burden) Yak trailer behind it. I pulled the trailer because I had picked up a canopy for the club the other day so we would be able to have shade when we go to events. I took the canopy in the trailer. (The club reimbursed me for the canopy.)

Time to get ready for bed.

2015/06/12 20:40 Friday

Today was challenging at work. I asked a vendor tech to wait until noon to come out to work on a production printer, but he showed up at 8:00am or so. He knew I would need the printers at 9:40am or so, but he thought he would be done faster than he was. In fact, he was still there working on various things at 3:30pm when I left. My co-worker had to stay until the vendor tech was done. Don't know what time that was. I had to work around the vendor tech by using one printer or the other when I was printing the media, which was a pain in the neck. At least it's over.

After work, I signed up for a 37-mile ride that will take place on Saturday, June 27th.

More on that tomorrow or the next day. Am about to pass out from exhaustion. Need to get to bed asap.

2015/06/11 18:55 Thursday

One more work day down, thankfully, and one to go. I think I would rather be at work on Saturday instead of manning the cycling club booth, though. Too late to back out, unfortunately.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed.

2015/06/10 19:15 Wednesday

One work day down, two to go. Am taking Saturday off. Will be volunteering as a course marshal for two hours at the Tour de Nez. Will also be manning the cycling club booth at the event for a good part of the day. Not looking forward to that.

After work today, I had a haircut appointment, and then went to Costco. One thing I picked up was some CoQ10. The downstairs neighbor was told by a nutritionist that statins deplete the body's supply of that nutrient, and that can cause fatigue. I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. Had some sticker shock, though. I didn't look at the price before I bought it. It was about $35 for 140 capsules. Ouch.

Am fading fast. Off to get ready for bed.

2015/06/09 16:40 Tuesday

It was after ten o'clock again last night before I fell asleep, and again this morning, I hit snooze for almost two hours. Am concerned that I will oversleep tomorrow morning and be late for work. Will be going to bed no later than 5:30pm this evening, though. Am fairly tired, so hopefully I will fall asleep soon after going to bed.

Dropped the truck off this morning at Landa Muffler and Brake. Took the Quick with me. Dropped by College Cyclery to see Amy on the way to the lake. Haven't seen her in a while, so it was good to chat for a bit. After that, I did a ride. Picked up the truck after the ride. The total mileage was about 31.05 miles. Am not sure about the exact mileage and what the average speed was, for reasons that aren't important enough to go through a long explanation.

The Nissan dealership was wrong about the brake fluid being dirty. Landa had changed it when they did my front brakes a few months ago, and it was still clean. Kevin at Landa gave the dealership the benefit of the doubt; he said sometimes there is a film in the fluid reservoir that makes it look dirty unless a sample is taken. Anyway, all Landa did was check the fluid and adjust the rear brakes a little. They didn't charge me, which I appreciated. Kevin recommended using the parking brake even when not on a hill, as doing so helps keep the brakes in adjustment.

Have had my chamomile tea, and will take a melatonin tablet. Am hoping that will help me drop off to sleep. Am off to get ready for bed now.

2015/06/08 19:10 Monday

Again last night, it was after 10pm before I fell asleep. Tried to get up early this morning in the hope that would help me get to sleep earlier this evening. Hit snooze for close to two hours, though.

Today's ride didn't start out well. There was a lot of slow-moving traffic for the first half or so of the ride that I couldn't get around, maybe because it was around the lunch hour. Also, I was tired. Even so, I managed to get the average up to 15.7 mph by the time I finished. Did 30.53 miles of laps around the park on the Roubaix (it is the Comp model of the Roubaix from 2012). Am getting comfortable on it.

Will be getting the truck's brake fluid replaced tomorrow morning. When I had the oil changed recently, the dealership said the fluid was dirty and should be replaced at the next oil change. Decided to have it done sooner, though, and to have the brakes checked, as the other day, the brake pedal went further down than usual when I pressed it, as though there might be air in the line. Am going to a muffler and brake shop instead of the dealership. Will take the commuter bike (it is a Cannondale Quick 4 from quite a few years ago) with me and do a workout on it while the shop is working on the truck.

One more day, and then I have to go back to work, much to my dismay. Time away from work flies.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed. Am hoping to fall asleep at a decent time.

2015/06/07 19:10 Sunday

It was after 10pm by the time I fell asleep last night, and I slept until after 9am. Have been tired all day.

After the watching the church service online, I did a ride. Rode 30.58 miles of laps around the park on the Roubaix. The average was a very slow 14.7 mph. It was somewhat windy, and between that and my being tired, I just didn't ride at a decent pace. Not that one-tenth of a mph means anything, but the average was 14.8 mph until about a foot before I stopped in front of my apartment.

Am off to get ready for bed. Have a feeling it will be a while before I will be able to sleep, but I'm going to try anyway.

2015/06/06 20:25 Saturday

Didn't go to the flower planting after all. The accuweather app forecast was for a 43% chance of rain fairly early in the day, and I wanted to get a ride in early just in case. The Channel 2 app forecast was only for 20%. Should have trusted the latter. Still, 20% is 20%, and it could have rained.

Did 30.63 miles of laps around the park on the Roubaix. It was a very bad slow-moving traffic day. Averaged only 14.7 mph. On the Roubaix, it is easy to go fast enough to pass slow-moving traffic if there is not oncoming traffic, but today there was. Also, there was an event going on at the park, and there were a lot of pedestrians crossing the street. The event was a walk around the lake for a Parkinson's disease group. One of the sponsors had a sight-seeing van and was driving around the lake over and over again at about 8 mph. I kept lapping it and then getting stuck behind it again. All told, the best thing for me to do was just grin and bear it all, which I did.

Again this evening, it is past my bedtime, but I'm not all that tired. Had trouble falling asleep again last night even though I went to bed late by my standards. Had trouble dragging myself out of bed this morning; hit snooze for over an hour, but when I finally did wake up enough to get out of bed at about 7:15am, I wasn't all that tired. Dare I hope that prayers are being answered regarding my health?

Am off to finish getting ready for bed. Am hoping I will be able to fall asleep soon and wake up early. Would like to make macaroni and cheese in the crockpot before the sermon.

2015/06/05 19:45 Friday

After going to bed last night, I laid there in a fog for about two and a half hours. Was too tired to get up and do anything, but just couldn't sleep. At least that state is somewhat restful.

Did 30.57 miles of laps around the park on the road bike (it's a Specialized Roubaix) today. Averaged 15.8 mph. Slowly but surely, am getting more comfortable on it. Might ride the commuter bike tomorrow, though, depending on what the precipitation forecast is when I go for my ride.

Will try to drag myself out of bed in time to ride to Bicentennial Park by 9am tomorrow. There is a KTMB flower planting event in which the Green Team at work is participating. The last time I did a flower planting with the Green Team, I felt utterly incompetent, which I didn't like. Thus, I am not going to participate in the actual planting, but I do want to take some photos of the event. I'll also probably stop by Hub Coffee, which is close by.

It is past my bedtime, but I'm not all that tired. Even so, am going to get ready for bed now since I need to be up fairly early. Hopefully I will be able to get to sleep soon instead of laying there in a fog for a long time, as I have been doing lately.

2015/06/04 16:35 Thursday

Didn't ride today. Took a rest day after six days of riding. Was too tired to ride anyway after getting up early for the ENT appointment. Did do laundry, though. Washed three large loads, which was all I could carry to the laundry room in two laundry baskets. Will do three more loads in the next few days, but they won't be as large.

Am exhausted. Off to get ready for bed, even though it is still early. Have had trouble falling asleep the last few days, which has contributed to my being tired. Hopefully I will be able to fall asleep soon today.

2015/06/03 19:10 Wednesday

Didn't ride to Verdi today. Had trouble falling asleep last night, and didn't get enough rest. Was tired and staggering some this morning, so I thought it best to stay close to home and ride laps around the park. Thought maybe I should ride the commuter bike because of the balance issues I was experiencing, but decided to ride the road bike instead. I really want to get comfortable riding it again, and the only way that will happen is to ride it and get used to it. Did 30.61 miles. Averaged 15.5 mph.

Got some things out of the way after the ride. Had the oil changed in the truck, bought some facial sunscreen, took the truck to a car wash, and went to the dreaded Walmart to buy a broom to sweep out the bed of my truck (it got a lot of dirt in it during the KTMB Community Cleanup). Still have to do laundry in the next few days, and lots of it.

Have an ENT appointment at 9:15am tomorrow. The scabbing in my nostrils has gone away, thankfully. I have been diligent about using the Alkalol nasal spray and the Bag Balm. Am hoping to get a ride in afterward without getting rained on.

Have been thinking that if I don't like the second service worship time after a new worship minister takes over, I might skip watching the service webcasts instead of watching the early service. I might just go back to listening to the sermon podcasts. I don't like music anyway.

Am off to finish getting ready for bed. Will be getting to bed later than I would like.

2015/06/02 17:40 Tuesday

Rode the road bike this morning. Didn't go to Verdi, though. Just did laps around the park. The distance was 30.55 miles, and the average speed was 15.8 mph. Didn't push myself very hard; the road bike is just a lot faster than the commuter bike. Will probably ride to Verdi in the morning. I went to Starbucks this afternoon and picked up a triple espresso and put it in the fridge for in the morning.

Am exhausted. Off to get ready for bed.

2015/06/01 16:10 Monday

Tried to drag myself out of bed this morning in time to ride before the dental appointment, but that didn't happen. Wanted to do that because of the prediction of wind gusts up to 35 mph this afternoon. As it turned out, while I was riding it wasn't that bad. The wind speed was reported as 17 mph with gusts up to 28. That's bad enough, but I didn't have all that difficult of a time. Rode the commuter bike and did 30.63 miles of laps around the park. Averaged only 13.9 mph.

There is a cycling club board meeting this evening. Hopefully it won't last too long. I want to get up fairly early tomorrow. Want to ride before the wind picks up. I might even ride to Verdi.